I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t exactly fond of my mother in law when I met her. For some reason she couldn’t accept that her son was not alittle boy anymore or that I chose to feed him spaghetti and salad instead of three different fried dishes in one sitting. Her indirect way of implying that I needed to loose weight by casually setting twelve packs of Slimfast in my fridge quickly sent me over the edge. Luckily we’re on better terms now but needless to say we took a long rocky road to get there.

All the above being said , you can imagine my interest when I was sent a screener of A&E’s new series called Monster In-Laws. This show takes not getting along with your in-laws to a whole new level with some help along the way to try to remedy the situation.

About The Show

“In-laws: most people have them… and sometimes they can be a whole lot more than a newlywed bargained for. A&E Network shines a light on married couples dealing with meddling in-laws as they try to make peace with the help of an unconventional, no-nonsense relationship expert in the new original real-life series “Monster In-Laws. “Monster In-Laws” features real-life married couples as they reveal their relatable in-law problems. Sometimes funny and sometimes not, each episode follows the family as one spouse is trapped between the person they married and a member of their immediate family, desperate to put an end to the battles that are tearing them apart. Seasoned relationship experts bring the family under one roof and force them to face their issues so they can reach common ground and mend their broken relationships.

With so many of the stories I have heard from Military spouses about Inlaws from hell, I think you will want to tune in!

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Monster In -Law premieres Monday October 24th on the A&E channel at 10PM EST/PT.


Surviving encounters with Monster In-Laws can be tough.

(1) winner will have the chance to indulge in alittle bit of relaxation with the Monster In-Law Survival Kit which includes:

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How To Enter

Simply leave a comment below sharing some of your funny or crazy in law stories!

Giveaway ends 11/3/11 at 11:59EST

Winner will be chosen via Random.org…18+ USA Only

Please leave a valid email so I may contact you if you are the winner!

Disclosure: Lifetime TV and A&E are providing the prize. No Compensation was provided for this post except a screener.






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103 Comments on *CLOSED* Do You Get Along With Your InLaws? If Not You Will Want to Watch The New A&E Series “Monster In-Laws” Plus A Cool Inlaw Survival Kit Giveaway!

  1. My mother in law is really not a nice person, neither is my father in Law. She can be really nasty to me in a completely passive aggressive way, which I can deal with. Of course, my husband says and does nothing and just wants me to take it. I think everyone is in for a rude awaking, because they treat our daughter pretty poorly too. We moved home last time he deployed and they rarely saw her and have refused to come to every birthday party she has ever had. Very soon she is going to start noticing their horrible behavior and be really hurt. THAT I wont tolerate. I see big fun in my future…

  2. my MIL was talking about future kids names with us and we suggested DH’s name.. she said oh no! I don’t like that name.. she was quite serious when she said it but the way she said it was so funny.

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