I’ve been following this story for quite some time and posted it on my fan page wall a while back. In  nutshell Sgt. Terry Achane’s wife apparently was pregnant with his baby when he left to be stationed in another state. He states that he took her to prenatal appointments but when he had to go to South Carolina because of military duty his estranged wife cut off all contact with him.

The wife then proceeded to put the baby up for adoption and gave the soldiers old contact information in which the adoption agency could not reach him and made no further effort to contact him once they could not contact him. The agency is now being investigated because this is possibly going to be considered an illegal adoption since one of the parents did not consent to it.

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The baby was then adopted and now 22 months later Sgt. Achane has won back custody of his daughter.

As I was browsing the net today I came across a video from ABC with Sgt. Achane and his baby girl discussing life as a single father now.

 The estranged mother and wife who gave up the baby is also in the video and she goes on to state that the adoptive parents were there for her when “he wasn’t there, when he wasn’t around and when he didn’t care”. I’m not fool I am sure there is much more to this story then the public will ever know.

I do have to wonder though, is this the case of a military wife whose husband was a busy boot camp Drill Instructor and she mistook the long hours and heavy responsibility of his position as him not caring?

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13 Comments on Drill Sgt Reunited With Child That Military Wife Gave Up Without His Consent

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  2. Really glad this story had a happy ending. I feel so bad for military parents who lose their children one way or another due to military service. I do hope that adoption agency is investigated for their role in this because it is wrong and I am not sure how they got away not trying to find the legal father of that child.

  3. It doesn’t matter if he was a stupid private or a general, she knew his long hours when they got pregnant and it doesnt change his rights as a father and she was in the wrong in my opinion. As far as the agency, it’s not their fault she gave him the wrong contact info but yes they should have followed up and tried to find him but she very well may have said he’s not in the picture or some other lie, we don’t know.

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