Forrest Gump is definitely one of my favorite movies ever in life. I mean you are talking to the girl who made sure she scoped out the famous “Run Forrest Run ” road so that she could take a picture standing on it . I used to have a picture of me on the bench too in Savannah , Georgia but it’s lost in Myspace land somewhere.

Of course one of the best and actually most touching characters in the movie was Lt. Dan played by actor Gary Sinise. Not only is he famous and appreciated for his work with the military but he is also well known for his band “The Lt. Dan Band”.

Those of you at Fort Bragg can now have the chance to see him and his band perform September 14, 2012 for FREE!


Where: Fort Bragg Fair Grounds

Cost: Free

Time: 7PM

For more information, call 396-9126 or visit

Read more details on who else will be there.



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