Today while venturing out one last time in the 2015 Chevy Traverse that Chevrolet so let me graciously have for the week I made a trip downtown to get some cupcakes from a new little artisan bakery called Happiness Is which I will feature soon. While there I decided to take a peek around “The Butcher and The Baker, ( thanks MommyPR) a specialty shop specializing in locally sourced meats, eggs , vegetables, pastries, cheeses and more.



When I say fresh meat we are talking brought straight from the farm. In fact while I was there today I saw a local farmer delivering fresh chicken eggs. I made sure I got a carton for myself along with a pound of their NC Fresh Bacon. This is a great place to purchase meat and eggs (different types of eggs such as quail) if you are into clean eating or a vegan or flat out wanting to eat fresh natural foods without all the hormones and antibiotics in them. While some of the pricing may seem a bit on the high side you need to keep in mind that good food costs. Anything produced in small batches is going to cost more. I can attest to the taste difference in super farm fresh eggs verses eggs that have been shipped cross country in your regular grocery store.

IMG_9868 IMG_9869



I was greeted by a sweet military wife who ran the shop and was well versed in all the specifics of the products offered there. One of the big things that caught my eye was their July 4th bundle list. I can only imagine how excited people are to receive super farm fresh cuts of steak and beef to throw on the grill. I personally will be heading back to grab a jar of some of their almond butters and cheeses. Lastly the folks at the B&B doing an amazing job of keeping their Facebook page updated with any new incoming products. This is extremely helpful as they literally post when a new order of meat or new jugs of fresh milk have come in. The Butcher and the Baker is located at 231 Franklin Street in Downtown Fayetteville. Click here to follow them on FB.




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