Last week I spent another afternoon downtown and we decided to make a pit stop at Off The Hook Tacos located at 124 Hay St. In downtown Fayetteville.


Off The Hook Tacos is a casual dining spot with plenty of seating. You order up front and can dine in or take out. I make mention of the seating because one of my favorite spots downtown Blue Moon Cafe lacks in the seating department and can be a deterrent for me wanting to eat there.

What We Had:


As we entered we were greeted and somewhat overwhelmed by the large chalkboard menus on the wall. There is such a huge selection of tacos to choose from and my mouth watered as I decided what to order. We finally settled on their awesome brewed sweet tea that tasted like it had a strong hint of honey in it. My initial sip was a bit overwhelming, but the sweet tea lover in me quickly grew to like it. In addition to the tea I ordered their Korean Kalbi Taco and a Calamari Taco. The soldier ordered the Porkinator (which looked so good that I ordered one to go) and their Mahi Mahi Taco. Out of my selections I enjoyed the calamari taco the best because it was so tender and meaty. The waitress explained to me that they use calamari steaks, which explains the moon shaped cuts of meat on the taco. The Porkinator is not for the faint of heart and definitely for meat lovers. It’s covered in an Asian pork patty, smoked pit ham, bacon, and pulled pork. After all that they top it with fried onion straws and ranch dressing along with cheddar cheese. It was AMAZING!!! Some tacos are served on corn tortillas and some on a flour tortilla.




Food is fresh and cooked out in an open area.

Service is friendly and prompt


A very good portion size and I take my portion size seriously.


The only complaint was that some of the tacos come on a corn tortilla in which they give you about 4 of them put together. Unfortunately, they are so thin that I wound up dropping most of the taco filling on my plate and had to eat it with a fork. That didn’t phase me because the filling was so good. Nevertheless, don’t fret over the corn taco because they offer flour tortillas which are firm, taste great, and don’t break easily.

Be sure to head down there for a day date with your spouse or lunch with your friends. Click HERE to LIKE them on FB.






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