Lately I have been learning that Fayetteville actually has a lot to do. If you take some time to intertwine yourself in the local happenings. If you like the arts and theater you can begin that intertwinement next week .

On July 16th only at 8PM military families can attend a free preview show of the play “Hollow Men’ directed by Stephen Miles at Gilbert Theater. The play centers around PTSD which is a near in dear topic in the military community. It also stars a real military spouse and service members.

HOLLOW MEN by resident playwright Stephen Miles is the story of two post-war soldiers,
old friends who are separated by a few years of retirement. Gerry suffers the effects of war, coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). John has decided to devote his life to helping people recover. By chance, John meets Sandra, Gerry
’s wife at a bus stop and the two friends are reunited. Gerry’s problems are plainly visible to John.  Can John along with Sandra get Gerry the help he needs?

This play is important, as many people do not know or understand this epidemic our men and women deal with every day of their lives: depression, alcoholism, and drug use. Knowledge about PTSD is important for not only military families, but also for our community.

If you can’t make the free viewing on July 16th you will be happy to know that “Hollow Men” runs until July 27th and tickets are just $15.00 per person. Purchase your tickets at http://www.gilberttheater.com OR https://www.vendini.com/member/ticketSales/events/ .

You can learn more about dates and times as well as RSVP for the FREE SHOW by clicking HERE.



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