I’ve always been able to tell when a spirit was in my house or anyone’s house. I moved on post in 2009. My husband was deployed so it was just me and my daughter. A few days after I moved in, the light in my storage closet outside would automatically turn on at night. No one else had a key at the time, so I knew that something wasn’t right. My friend tried to tell me that it was the wiring but I knew better because it would only happen at night when I went out for a smoke break. It took awhile for me to actually see the silhouette, but I knew he was there. Why he? Because he would say my name sometime and I would be home alone.


When I finally saw it, it was a man in all black with a black hat. I googled some images and he looked like a Confederate Soldier. We had to by a baby gate to keep my dog from running down the hall because the “man in black” loved playing with him and my dog would run to him but he would only do it in the hallway. My neighbor a few doors down asked me one day if there was something in her house and I said yes. She then went on to tell me the things that she experienced. My next door neighbor had one too. She refused to believe me but she recorded a few videos of the baby and there was an orb in some of them. The house behind me had an “old lady” that would watch us from the bathroom window. Now she was creepy. I could go on for days about the experiences that I had in that neighborhood. There are several haunted houses there. If you are stationed there, take a walk around at night :-)



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