I live in Fort Bragg, NC, in the Ardennes neighborhood on Groesbeek Street. We moved there June 2015. Everything was fine and normal until my husband deployed. Once he left strange things started to happen. One night all of the fire alarms would go off randomly around 2am…as soon as I would get to where the alarm was, it would stop and wouldn’t happen again for a couple months. I had them checked and everything was good. I then started having my daughter sleep with me. One night again, around 2am, I started hearing noises, her toys would start going off. Freaked me out so much I woke my son up and had him take the toys out and put them in the trash..haha.


My dog would bark at random things and I of course see nothing, then we were downstairs watching TV and could hear walking, my daughter has a loose floorboard in her room and all of a sudden it creaked loudly. At this point I called my neighbor to come upstairs with  me, we went up there and my daughters light was on, all of a sudden we got cold chills bad. We ran downstairs, as we’re talking there’s a loud bang in my daughters room. We decided to go outside and seen her light was back on.

So a couple days go by with no activity, me and my daughter are sitting on the couch and all of a sudden it felt like someone had touched my arm and I got cold chills, I thought it was my husband (back from deployment)…nope he was in the front room. At this point I’m trying to come up with why I felt that…then the dog starts growling. She has never barked at anything until we moved here. She has been in protect mode since we moved to Fort Bragg.

It’s hard for me to sleep at night as I feel like someone is constantly watching me, my daughter refuses to go upstairs by herself, someone always has to go up there with her. She was in the shower and she start screaming, I rush to her and she said something threw the shaving cream on her head. Every night my dog walks the house and sleeps right in my doorway as my daughters room is right next door. There is definitely something here, but I will not let it scare me off. I felt stupid but I screamed ” this is my house, you need to leave because I am not going anywhere”. The activity has died down a bit, but it’s still there. As I’m writing this my phone is doing weird things and the screen is moving up and down…



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