In the past in the event of an immediate family members death , sickness, or the birth of a new baby , military spouses and dependents who lived offpost  usually had to locate the number of their local Red Cross chapter. Military families residing onpost simply has to dial a 1-877#.

The Red Cross has announced now that no matter where a military dependent resides  they can now use the same number that onpost military residents have had access to .

The number to call in the event of a serious emergency while your loved one is deployed is : 877-272-7337.

Note: This # is not to call because you miss your spouse, want to talk to him( or her) or for family problems that can wait.

You can view details of what entails an emergency in the link below:



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3 Comments on FYI: New Red Cross # for All Military Families to Use During an Emergency While Service Member is Deployed

  1. I had to call Red Cross at one point when my husband had just got to a school and my Mom died. I was at my Mom’s house and had to call the local Red Cross. They refused to help me. I had to track down numbers at Ft Lee myself (from PA), and keep calling around until I got someone who was willing to find out where he was. When I finally got the barracks for the school, they were not going to let me talk to him, since it was me rather than the Red Cross calling. I was hysterical by that point and I lost it on the poor guy who got in touch with someone of sufficient rank to permit the call. I have not supported the Red Cross since.

    • OH wow Amy I am so sorry that to hear that happened to you. I guess it’s just a matter of who you happen to be dealing with at that point but I can definitely understand why you would not be supportive, especially in such a trying time. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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