Care packages are staples during deployments and they are what gets our men and women through the lonely times of being overseas. Yet sending the same  “ole” care package can be super boring after a while.

This is more so the case when you have exciting news to share and your loved one can’t be home. So what’s a girl to do?

Send a special occasion care package!

An Army Wife 101 reader and Youtuber named Jasmine sent me this video of how she crafted a beautiful care package so that her husband who can’t be there for the birth of her child can still join in the celebration.

She also gives some awesome tips about shipping, box sizes etc.


Here are the list of items mentioned in Jasmine’s Box:

You can find the cigars at this web site:

You can find the lighter at this web site:…

You can find the “It’s a Boy” stickers at this web site:…

Here is where I got the Book:…

See more “Care Package” videos from Jasmine!

Have you ever created a special occasion care package…what types of things did you put in it?



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4 Comments on Special Occasion Care Packages: It’s A Boy!

  1. This is such an awesome idea! But, I’m so weak I wouldn’t be able to keep from mentioning the special news if I spoke to my soldier before the package got to him. I can’t hold water. Lol. And, those packages can take forever. I LOVE this idea though. Thank you for sharing it.

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