I love military related giveaways especially when commissary giftcards are the prize. In addition I love being able to honor my soldier or someone who has sacrificed to keep us safe.

Gatorade is letting you do that with the “Honoring Our Heroes” Essay Contest. I know for a fact my soldier loves Gatorade and when I lived on post it was not uncommon to see scores of soldiers coming out the Shoppette with a Gatorade in their hand to get them through their day, so it’s pretty cool to see Gatorade recognizing our military.

The Essay:

Gatorade wants you write an essay honoring a service member. In the essay describe why you are honoring them and any special achievements or accomplishments they may have obtained.

The Prize:

Their are (3) Prizes:

Grand Prize:
$500 in cash and $500 in Commissary Gift Cards

First Place Prize:
$350 in cash and $350 in Commissary Gift Cards
Second Place Prize:
$150 in cash and $150 in Commissary Gift Cards
Contest Ends May 31, 2012.
In addition everyone who enters and submits an eligible essay will receive (1) free coupon for a 32 oz bottle of Gatorade.
For more details and to enter visit Gatorade Military.



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