Fort Drum

We had just moved into our home on post, and it took a little while to get our HHG. We were sleeping on air mattresses, and there were several times throughout the night I would wake up feeling like someone was staring at me. Only in my daughter’s room did I ever feel like I wasn’t alone. One day my daughter came downstairs and told me that there was a little girl in her room that wouldn’t leave her alone. I asked my daughter what she look like and my daughter said, “she has a freaky face.” And looked at me with a very distorted mouth. I said, “what does she keep saying to you”, and my daughter told me she said this isn’t your house, this is mine you need to leave. So I went upstairs with my daughter. Her room was super cold. I asked if she was still there, and my daughter pointed to the corner. I told the little girl that she needed to leave. My daughter said, “She just keeps shaking her head no.” Coming from a religious family,  I grabbed my bible,  and we said a prayer in the bedroom. I walked through each room in the house and blessed it. My daughter was very scared to go upstairs by herself after that. FREAKED ME OUT!

Fort Polk
I’m not sure where to start. My experience really opened my eyes to the paranormal and I am now into paranormal research and going to school for paranormal psychology.
My family was stationed at Fort Polk, LA and it was your typical on base housing. But, one night we heard what seemed to be children running up and down the stairs and bouncing a ball down up and down them. Keep in mind, we had put our 3 boys to bed upstairs about 8 pm, and this was after 10pm. So my husband walks upstairs to get after the boys, but they were sound asleep so he thought nothing of it and came back downstairs. Shortly later it happened again, so upstairs he went again but this time when he got to the top of the stairs he heard the ball bounce past him….He came downstairs and just sat down and watched more TV.
Then one day my 2 year old was sitting on the love seat and I was on the couch…..he starts giggling and falling over then getting up and acting like he was pushing someone over and giggling again. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was playing with Mac (Mac was one of our best friends who was killed 7 months before my son was born while him and my husband were in Iraq). So that was strange but I was ok with that as I have always believed in the paranormal, but this one hit close to my heart.
My husband was sitting in the kitchen one day and heard a little girl ask in his ear “why are we here?” And one night he was  upstairs sleeping and felt a jolt and woke up to 2 little kids standing over his bed.
The one spirit that I was not okay with started out with just the moving of objects, to the slamming of my washing machine lid, then the throwing of objects. It then begin grabbing and pushing and having things thrown at me. I didn’t sleep for 3 weeks until we had the Alexandria paranormal team come out. We found out that the entity that was throwing things at me was a Civil War soldier stuck on the land where the house was built. I also found out I was a medium.




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