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In 2010 we PCS’ed to Fort Polk, LA. After we got settled into our house, which we kinda had to fight to get, we were relieved that we did NOT get one of the newer homes and were in an older larger home.

How It Started

I never had the feeling of any negative “presence” in the house, but the kids (then 1 and 3) started not wanting to be in certain parts of the house. One particular area was just up towards the top of the stairs. I chalked it up to them just being not used to the house yet and getting use to a new environment. Soon that changed! Whenever my husband was away at night for duty or in the field, the kids and I would be downstairs and hear someone literally walk across the floor (our ceiling) upstairs. The floor (ceiling) would creek all the way across and then back again! It totally freaked us out! We spent a few nights on the couch together!

I was so scared, but would check the house and never find anything all the wearing my “brave face” mask so the kids would be reassured that we were safe. I thought perhaps a raccoon had walked across the roof or something.

It Wasn’t A Raccoon

One night my husband was in the field, the kids were in bed, and I was headed downstairs to the kitchen. I saw a man at the bottom of the stairs!!!! He was dressed in OLD black navy pants with big pockets, black jump boots, and a solid black shirt with and an all black hat. I was startled, but did not feel threatened. I was frozen with fear, but the man at the bottom of the stairs just looked up slowly, had a half smile, and the faded away! I almost peed in my pants! I AGAIN, being skeptical figured it was the low lights reflecting off of objects in the house and carried on. BOY WAS I WRONG!
This “man” began to only appear when my husband was away at night. Could it be my over active imagination? Well time went on and other things began to happen. Then my mother came to visit and stay with us for a while! I HAD NOT EVEN MENTIONED “THE MAN” TO HER! One evening she came around the corner and ran smack into my husband! I could hear the papers that went flying into the air and she immediately said, “oh exscuse me, I am so sorry!” BUT……. my husband was not home and there were no papers anywhere! she had run into “the man”!

The Man

WE FOUND OUT HIS NAME! Some time later I was casually asking the neighbors, whose house was connected to ours at the garage and if they ever heard anything strange? I didn’t want to sound crazy, so I ran with the animal-on-the-roof theory. Long story longer, she had the same “man” at her house, but only when her husband was gone overnight.
Another neighbor had a conversation with me about the same thing two weeks before she moved off post and broke her lease!
The man now had a name! One day her 3 year old daughter was playing up in her room (two houses away from ours on the same cul-de-sac) and was talking to herself. Her mom ws worried because the night before “the man” was on her back porch looking in the house from a dark corner of the screened in porch, so she asked who she was talking to. Her daughter replied “my friend.” She figured it was an imaginary friend that her daughter had made up as a way to deal with her daddy being away.
BIG FAT NOPE ON THAT ONE!! Later that night her daughter came downstairs and threw her favorite doll in the trash!! When asked why her daughter replied, “Because, mommy! My friend said he won’t play with me anymore if I don’t throw her away!” My neighbor asked if her “friend” had a name. She replied, yes, mommy. His name is Tommy. Omgosh! Well apparently, Tommy was a night watchman who looked after the families while the men were away and only patrolled the houses on our cul-de-sac!

Who Was This Man?

It was kind of funny that his name was Tom and he was always peeking in on us! I was fine with Tom visiting since we never felt anything threatening. I did ask him to please stop startling us, but told him that he was welcome to visit as long as no harm was done and as long as he believed in GOD! HE STAYED! Now, Tom was a protector. However, the house next door on the other side just outside our cul-de-sac had a mean, evil, male presence there. We were so glad we didn’t get that house! Glasses of water would get thrown against the walls, the furniture actually moved, and the “man” in that house would leave impressions in the furniture when he was sitting on it! SOUNDS CRAZY, I TOTALLY KNOW! BELIEVE ME, HUGE SKEPTIC HERE! The previous tenants that we met when we moved in were getting ready to PCS to Ft. Carson, and they actually had the T.V. Show, T.A.P.S. come out to their house and record it. The Taps team advised them to take their kids and get out!!
At the end I was fine with our “peeping Tom” and thankful that he wasn’t the “guy next door!” I miss Ft. Polk and the small community there, but I don’t miss the “events” and hauntings there.



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4 Comments on Haunted Tales From The Base: “The Man”…Fort Polk, LA

  1. I live in fort polk now. Thought I was crazy but wow!!!! Never see any man tho but I have trouble sleeping most nights and would have nightmares, I would get chills just going in the kitchen at night even when husband in the living room. I would run from the bathroom to the room, I can’t stand it when it’s dark. It stopped when we bought a dog but we ended up giving the dog away because she barks day in and out. All night, she would bark and the day we bring her home she broke her foot (crazy right?) since the dog is now gone, I take pills or drink to help me sleep. Can’t wait to leave.

  2. I’m just curious to know what street this is on Ft Polk, I i again in dogwood?. I live here now, and I’m having the same kind of situations.

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