The First Time

My 2 yr old daughter used to wake up crying in the middle of the night every night, then come to my room. One day my children were playing outside then they came inside and went upstairs. I was sitting downstairs in the living room in the recliner but I could see shadows of the kids walking upstairs because of the way the house and windows were setup and outside light would shine. A few minutes after the kids went upstairs I looked up there and I could see shadows moving. I called out to them and they didn’t answer. I called out to them again and then the shadows moved. I went upstairs to my son’s room and opened the door and asked them why they didn’t answer me when I was talking to them when they were on the stairs. They said they weren’t on the stairs that they had been in the room since they came inside.

The Second Time

On a different night I was cleaning up my kitchen and I walked around the corner and I saw shadows going up the stairs. I knew that night that it wasn’t my kids because they were all asleep. My daughter woke up screaming one night, so I ran to her room and picked her up. I asked her what she was crying about and she said the little kids always wake her up. I said what little kids and she said the dark ones with no eyes and the sharp teeth. She said mommy they wake me up every night that’s why I come get in your bed because they scare me.

We lived on Floyd St on Schofield Barracks, HI.

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