As a parent, I recall the utter horror of a child’s toy unexpectedly playing in the middle of the night. I’d walk into my son’s room, who would be sound asleep, and I would quickly turn off the toy — anything to make it stop. Creeped out, I’d crawl back into bed and somehow manage to sleep again.

What’s even worse? When your child sees and speaks to unseen figures. Now that is creepy.

I’ve chatted with other milspouses whose children have experienced the unexplained. You might want to read this with the light on.

Names have been changed to protect the living, rather… the innocent.

Shadow Figures

Kayla shares, “When we first moved here my son had a mobile above his crib that I rarely played/wound up. It had an ‘off’ option, and it was nearly always in the off position. One night I was up late and out of nowhere, I heard the mobile start playing… I was the only one awake and there was no way my son switched the mobile on and wound it up.”

If that isn’t bad enough, Kayla adds, “My son has told me multiple times over the past two years that ‘the shadow was here’ and a couple of times he was terrified of said shadow… I switched his room to the spare room and he hasn’t said anything about the shadow since.”

Brianna tells, “I once ventured into the attic to see if it could be used as storage space. I flipped the light on and did not turn it off when we left the attic. We had to run to the store and by the time we got back, it was dark. I was expecting the light to be visible from the road through the window up there — but nope — the light was off. I am not opening that up again.”

Brianna may have an explanation of who or what turned off her attic light. “Our middle son claims that voices keep him awake at night. But this kid also claimed to see a ‘shadow man’ walk into my closet. So, he is just sensitive.” Brianna admits that her current house is the least paranormal one she has lived in and has burned some sage to help alleviate the issues. “As long as they behave, they do not bother me.”

Dee is also a seasoned spouse when it comes to the supernatural in on-post housing. She shares, “I’ve been seeing shadows and quick movement in the past couple of weeks but didn’t think much of it. I just took it as me being paranoid because of my past experiences. My two-year-old has been telling me he sees ghosts since I started seeing these quick glances of movements and shadows. I’m not going to brush off his ‘seeing ghost’ comments off anymore.”

Full Manifestations

Desiree is the mother of twins, and her boys shared a room while they were stationed in Germany. The boys were frequently scared at night because they claimed that a man was under their bed. In order to get to the bottom of this and get some sleep, Desiree pulled each of her sons aside separately to ask what happened. “They both described the man’s appearance, in exactly the same way. They told me what he was wearing and what he said, and their stories added up. It was chilling.”

Sandy has had some experiences in her current house, but what happened at a different duty station is truly creepy. She shares, “When we were at Goodfellow, my son would wake up every morning when Reveille would play and tell us that there was a lady with no feet standing outside his window. This was a second-floor window. He would scream and cry, and I just couldn’t figure out what he was seeing. He was only three at that time. I do believe in spirits but I didn’t know what to do for him, other than comfort him.”

Brooke has also heard weird noises at her current house, but remembers a spooky evening a few years ago, at a different duty station. Brooke and her husband returned from a date night to find their oldest still awake. “He said that he was glad we were home and wanted to tell us something.” Brooke and her husband could tell that their son was clearly worked up. She explains, “He said that he had opened his blinds to see if we were home yet, and he saw a man on the roof staring at him.” Trying to figure out what he might have seen, they opened the blinds. “We pointed to the houses across the way and asked if it was on one of those roofs. He said ‘No, he was right outside my window.’  But there was no roof or anything anyone could stand on right outside of his window.” Brooke and her husband just told their son to keep the blinds shut from then on. Four years later, their son still recalls his eerie sighting.  

Want More Scares?

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