Last year throughout the month of October we shared stories from military spouses base wide who had experienced hauntings or paranormal activity in their homes on post. You guys loved the series so much that we are back again with frightening REAL LIFE first hand encounters from fellow military spouses.

fort knox

Anonymous in Fort Knox Kentucky

My family lived in the old single level homes on Beard Ave. The first experience was about four months after my family moved in. A dark shadow resembling a man would pace back and forth while I showered. It was as if he was waiting for me to finish so he could talk with me. When I noticed him, I would always pull the shower curtain open and he would disappear.

2nd Incident:

We believed this was the same man that would visit our youngest daughter when she took baths. She knew his name but my family cannot recall what it was. Our daughter told us he would frequently visit her and would ask questions, such as how was her day at school and did she like the meals I prepared for dinner, lunch, and breakfast?  Our daughter asked him where be was from and he said he lived in the woods in the back of our house. She also asked him how did he die and his response was he was shot while fighting in the WW1. We believed this same man also visited our oldest daughter as well.

3rd Incident

Our oldest daughter woke up around 0315 am to use the restroom. When she opened her eyes, she was startled by a dark shadow bent over on the right side of her bed staring at her. She said she nearly peed in her pants when she saw him. She yelled at him to immediately leave her room in which he did. Our daughter never saw the black shadow ever again.

4th Incident:

We believe after the same dark shadow was asked to never return to the room our oldest daughter slept in. He then decided to bother our middle and youngest daughters whom shared the same room, which was across from our oldest daughter’s bedroom. Our middle child never saw the dark figure, but our youngest child said that he would frequently visit her in the late evenings when everyone was asleep. Our daughters slept in bunk beds and our youngest slept on the bottom. Our youngest child told my husband and I the dark shadow would pace back and forth in front of the bunk bed every evening when it was really late. She said it happened so often, she would just go right back to sleep because she knew he would not harm her and that she was no longer scared of him.

5th Incident

My husband and I believe the same dark shadow that frequently visited our bathroom and all three of our daughter’s bedrooms is the same ghost that is now haunting us in the master bedroom. Every morning when my husband left for work, I felt as if something was watching me. It became so uncomfortable that I started dressing and undressing in our kitchen. For some odd reason the dark shadow always isolated himself in the back side of the house. He never followed us to the front part the house. We thought it was rather odd, but we just felt it was best to not ever question it.

6th Incident

There were times my husband would complain about severe itching while laying in bed. He said it felt like something was crawling all over his body, yet every time I checked him I saw nothing. We concluded he was having an allergic reaction to the clothes detergent, so we changed it to another brand. Even after switching brands, my husband continued to complain about the constant itching, which only occurred certain times in the evenings when we went to bed. It was obvious it was not the detergent so we thought maybe it could be bed mites/bugs. Later that same evening we purchased insecticide from Wal-Mart to treat bed bugs and sprayed our entire mattresses including floors, curtains, and baseboards. For the next couple of days following the treatment, my husband slept like a baby. It was about the 5th day when my husband begin to complain again.

This left us clueless as we changed detergent and treated our room with pesticide, yet the problem continued. All of a sudden a light bulb went off in our head and we began to discuss all the weird events going on within our home in the past few months. We discovered that our ghostly visitor seemed to be drawn to females; particularly myself and our youngest daughter. What was really frightening was discovering that my husband only complained of itching moments before we were intimate. We concluded that our ghostly visitor was not happy with our relationship and would intervene anytime my husband and I embraced one another in our bedroom.

The Solution To Rid Our Home of the Visitor

After learning what upset our ghostly visitor, we decided to take action. We felt like our family was in the middle of a spiritual warfare. We knew the only solution to win was to fight back with biblical scriptures and strengthen our Christian walk. This strategy required participation from the entire family. Our family prayed together, studied the bible together, attended church services, as often as possible.  I was also told by a family friend to ask the dark shadow to leave because he was no longer welcome in our home. Although somewhat frightening, I did as told and the negative energy eventually lifted. Our dark shadow was never seen or felt again. My family continued strengthening our prayer life and Christian walk in preparation for future PCS moves.

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3 Comments on Tales From The Base: Beard St. Fort Knox, KY …Story #7

  1. Which house was this occurring I am visiting at my sisters house she lives in one of them which house was this happening in 9155A or 9155B I’ve been noticing things while everyone is asleep please get back to me asap thank you

  2. We lived at 1425 pell st on Fort Knox. Really strange things happened to us at that time. The basement was our problem. Trust me it didn’t stay in the basement, day and night it was active, one day me and my puppy was in the lining room and he was kicked out of his bed. On that same day the window screen flew off the window so hard it went outside the gate. Then at night when my husband was working out of town I can feel someone crawl in the bed, you know when the mattress push down and the blanket move? Yes that. Someone walking from the dining room to the living room all night. The motion light I put on the stairs went on and off and both kids was sleeping. One day something streamed in my left ear really loudly and punched me in my left upper back of my shoulder so hard it took my breathe away,I alway felt someone was always watching me even when I would sit outside in the side yard and they would be looking at me from the basement under the bedroom part of the house. But when it started hurting my dog I got Angry, I went to housing and they moved us. After we moved is when my family came with their stories, m us and felt so bad because he couldn’t do anything, but I did. From the time I went to housing to the time we moved was two weeks. After that move we didn’t have anymore problems. But I will never forget that for the rest of my life and I don’t really care if anyone believe me or not.

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