The above title of this post is something I have endured quite a bit in my years as a military spouse…Watch the video below as I share my random and wannabe comedic thoughts on this topic:


Do you mind babysitting other kids or would you rather just stick to yourself and your own kids?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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21 Comments on Heck No I Don’t Want To Babysit Your Kids…When People Think Because You Stay At Home You Want To Watch Kids!!!

  1. I LOVE THE VIDEO! LOVE IT. So true. Emergencies are one thing. And if I offer to do it, I really mean it, I don’t offer up childcare often.

  2. This has to be my all time FAVORITE video, EVER. Someone tried to get me to watch their kids while they go to the gym and pay me $10 a week. I dont watch other peoples kids to begin with, did they really think the $10 would make me change my mind? lol

  3. I think this is kinda selfish. We should help each other as Military sisters. This is my opinion. My kids are in preschool 2 days a week and I still watch another small child to help another Military mom. I trade off on babysitting so myself and others can groceryshop alone or have date night or alone time if deployment etc. Someday you may need help and will be treated the way you treated them. Niether side should take advantage of the other if babysitting is involved. On the other note- begging unknown people to take care of your children is unacceptable. The “Please watch my kids” on open Facebook forums DRIVE ME CRAZY. This is of course just my opinion….

    • Hi Jenn,

      I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. In the video I clearly state I will help if you have to go to the dr hospital or true emergencies. Many people have to take the kids to the grocery stores, I did it because I was always leary of wanting others to watch my kids. I also knew when my son was little he was a handful so I sucked it up and took him to the stores with me. My husband and I just went on our first date night in years last year. People that aren’t military don’t have the kind. of network we have for babysitters, so while I am sympathetic to a degree Im not because if you have to take your kids with you then that’s what you have to do .

  4. Too funny!!!!! I love it. I am a mom of 5 and i have this problem. By the time my kids go to school I am ready for it to be just me!

  5. I admit, this was funny, but overall I have to take it with a grain of salt. In today’s tough economic times, childcare is a horrendous, and sometimes devastating expense. If a friend came to me with this request ( and a few have to be sure ), and I wasn’t able or willing at the time… I would take a few minutes from my web time that day and try and help them locate appropriate childcare. In my experience, a LOT of these very young mothers aren’t aware of some of the resources available off-post in their communities. Churches are an excellent resource as many of them provide “Mom’s day out” programs. There are stores that actually have in-house childcare ( not many but some do ), and if worst comes to worst… trade off! ” I will be happy to watch yours and if you don’t mind, we’d like a date night this week”. We have to, now more than ever, work together to make life a little more pleasant, a little more bearable, and put smiles on friend’s faces as we’re able. Karma exists :)

    • Toni I agree to an extent. I will watch other kids for emergencies and so forth. And believe it or not I have watched people’s kids for them to go out to the mall or a date night but I have also been taken advantage of and frankly don’t have the energy for other’s kids so that is why my opinion is as is.

      That being said you just inspired a blog post on babysitting resources for the military. Thanks for sharing your feedback :D

      • Yay for the new blog idea! I am thrilled it inspired you and I definitely understand that “taken advantage of” feeling. I actually saw yet another post today on a community forum asking for “someone” to babysit… scary stuff that. I think if Army wives got together with their network of friends and made a special, private FB page where they could communicate childcare needs and swap etc, they might find that an invaluable resource with open, easy communication amongst trusted friends. Also, those, like myself with teenage kids know just how valuable that babysitting dollar is to my children and love teaching them about how to do it properly. there are local “babysitting classes” for teens in which they can become CPR and First Aid certified and make wonderful spending money… not to mention learning an excellent work ethic. I can’t wait to see the new blog and keep up the good work… you inspire ME all the time! ;)

  6. Date night? what the heck is that lol, we just hit our 12 years anniversy Sat and still havent had a date night, unless we have it at home when our KIDS are sleep lol, I just dont believe in asking somone to watch my children to grocery store, or while I go to the mall, I take them with me, and I always have, I just dont trust any and everyone with my kids, so I wouldnt even bother to ask another military spouse, or any spouse for that matter to watch mine to do something that I can just suck it up and take my kids, I dont mind watching other people kids tho if they have something to do, but that just me lol, Your video is too funny, the dance was awesome lol,

  7. Girl! I have one kid that goes to school and a two year old that I am counting down the days for, lol. I would SO be dancing along with you! lol. I do not like other people’s kids. I just don’t. I don’t do it. I won’t do it.

  8. I completely agree. I am a stay-at-home army gf and I do not have kids but my bf has 2 boys. Just because I don’t work, doesn’t mean I HAVE to babysit other peoples kids, my friends seem to think that since i stay home and don’t have a job, I should feel obligated to watch their kids and if I say no, they say, “what do you have to do?” That is NONE of their business. My bf is deployed right now and it is my first deployment. I already have enough on my plate and I don’t need the “pressure” to watch your children, dangit!! Sorry, Got to venting a little bit there. LOVE the video though, thank you!!

  9. Oh man this is great! Haha!
    And people really are crazy about not seeming to care at all about their kids! I would know because I babysit all over around Ft Bragg, it’s insane, sad, and scary sometimes. But I very much appreciate your humor in this vlog lol!

  10. Thank You! This is SOOOOOO what I needed tonight! You crack me up!
    I love your happy dance! And, no, you are not mean- just honest!
    And honestly, why should you be expected to babysit just ’cause your home? I’m in the same boat- and guess what? Not only do I not like
    babysitting, I don’t really enjoy being around babies, either. (oh wait, am I allowed to say that?) It was cute and fun when my girl was little, but I am so Over that stage and heck no- I’m not going back! I did my dirty diaper stage, thank you! So cheers to all the other mama’s who have older kids, got their freedom and their groove back, and Aren’t about to give it up! Now, I have my happy dance on, too! HUGS!
    PS: From one military wife to another: Thank you for your service and sacrifices!

  11. Right on! I had ONE kid and I raised her. Now she’s out of the house and I married a man that has 5 grandkids from one daughter. My stepdaughter is very upset with me because I will not babysit for her EVER. If I wanted to watch a bunch of little kids I would have had my own!

  12. I love the dance you do! I used to do it too,but then I opened my big fat mouth and said I would watch my little heathen(sp) grandson!!!! He doesnt listen and neither does his mother! I did tell her I would babysit him while she works EVERY OTHER WEEK, he is with her one week and her soon to be ex husband the next,well he told her he is going out of town this week and cant take him and she assumed i would! And I am, I dont want her to lose her job,but I just want to be grandma again and do the occ babysit! I told her that, but she seems to just blow me off I need some advice on how to set her straight HELP!!!!!!!

    Going Crazy in Colorado!!!!!!!!!!

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