Happy Monday everyone! Okay work with me people , I live all the way over here in the Pacific and it’s Monday morning for me so I’m a bit perky. Enjoy it while it last :)

This weekend hubby and I did some garage sale hopping as I am looking to redecorate my office…okay really it’s a space in the corner of my bedroom, but I just wanted to see how office sounded! In any event I wanted to see if I could obtain some wall decor , trinkets , stuff like that .

After we were done we headed over to the PX and to my disbelief (and my son’s) Santa was sitting in front of the PX handing out candy. So I say to myself “Self Halloween hasn’t even begun to almost be around the corner…so why in the hell is Santa sitting here in September?” Little did I know it was the opening of the PX Toyland and this was how they decided to celebrate the launch.

Of course I went from running in the PX to get some Febreze and Lysol wipes to my son making me up walk up and down every aisle to show me what he wants “Santa” to get him. The Army Dad got to sit in the food court and chow down on Charlie’s Grilled Subs.

So that made me think what is the “must have ” toy your kiddos are dying to have ?  My son has to many to name .

Feel free to share in the comments portion below.

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4 Comments on Santa Toyland At The PX in September?

  1. My daughter who is 2 yrs old told me that she NEEDS a basketball hoop and We Did It Dora. There are a few other things that she likes but those are the two most important! She will more than likely get those items along with some educational toys and clothes!

  2. My son is only two and he is dying to have the Mobigo Togo thing by V-Tech. It’s a touch screen learning toy. We are planning on getting it for him even though it’s $60!! Lol

  3. Well I do find it a bit strange that they would be having a Grand Opening in the middle of September, I mean the kids haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet. I have to agree with Meghan..I refuse to do any Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving yet alone Halloween.

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