Hollywood has made a veritable fortune from films with the theme of things going wrong over the holidays. Many movies focus on the idea of “saving Christmas,” and then there are blockbusters like Home Alone and Christmas Vacation. Sure, the average holiday mishap may not be as grandiose as home invaders thwarted by a clever child, or a series of events leading to a SWAT team busting through your living room — but things can happen, nonetheless.

When something does go awry, are you prepared? Will it ruin your holiday completely, or will it be a glitch that you can easily handle with the right support and resources?

Real-Life Holiday Mishaps

Here are some examples of holiday mishaps that have happened in my family:


  • It Slipped! One year, my sister-in-law received a new iPod. As she opened it from its plastic casing, it fell directly into her full glass of water! Anybody have a gift receipt?
  • Going Nowhere Fast…While on a holiday road trip to my parents’ house, we got a flat tire on the interstate. We pulled to the side of the road, car loaded with cool-weather clothes, cookies and wrapped presents. Would we make it in time for Christmas Eve?


    • Where Did It Go? I let a cousin hold and look at my ring at a family gathering. Little did I realize, it slipped into the hands of a precocious toddler. We launched a search for the missing ring. Was it actually buried in the trash can as he said? I hoped not…we had just finished cleaning up dinner!


  • Is He Okay? One year, after spending a small fortune on gifts, I noticed our cat was sick. It looked like an emergency vet visit was in order. Could our finances handle additional unexpected strain during the holidays?


Protect Your Holidays

Surprise situations have the potential to be disruptive and detrimental to your holidays. There is one tool that can save the magic of the season by protecting you and your family in the event of a mishap or emergency — insurance.

Let’s look at those scenarios again:

  • Drowned electronic? No problem. Renter Insurance with Personal Property Coverage protects your electronics up to a specified dollar amount.
  • Flat tire? No worries. Auto Insurance with Emergency Road Service gets you fixed up in a jiffy, and covers towing too.
  • Lost jewelry? Good thing you opted for Valuable Items Insurance. That small annual fee will reimburse you thousands of dollars.
  • Sick furry friend? Rest assured. You thought ahead and invested in Pet Health Insurance. Now, choosing to take care of your pet isn’t a major financial undertaking.

Peace of Mind: The Perfect Gift

This holiday season, why not gift yourself and your military family with the assurance that in case of mishaps, the unexpected, or emergencies, you have coverage. You have a plan. You have support from a trusted company who can offer you all these coverages and more. For more than 130 years, Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) has protected those who protect our nation by offering a variety of coverage plans you can count on. To learn more about protecting your family during the holidays and year-round, please click here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Armed Forces Insurance (AFI). All thoughts and opinions are our own.



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