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A few months ago I wrote a post on the green bags that many of us have become familiar with being sold at our local military commissary. Little did I know there are reusable recyclable bags for more then just grocery shopping.


I learned this when I received a chance to try a few of the stylish modern and inexpensive reusable bags from Snapsac. I already digging the fact that they are really durable and good material.

Check out the video below to see how I used one while Christmas shopping the other day.


Lastly for one week only you can use my special coupon code “ARMYWIFE25”  and receive 25% off  anything in their online store. In addition they are offering free shipping anywhere in the continental US until 01/10/12!


(1) reader will win a SET of SnapSacs

Simply leave a comment below telling me how you would use your SnapSac bags?

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Disclosure: I received a set of bags to review and a set to facilitate a giveaway. All opinions are mine and have not been influenced.



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

64 Comments on *CLOSED*Krystel Tries Out SnapSacs+Giveaway

  1. Honestly I have a very pretty bag and I use it as a diaper I use others to go shopping with because I hate getting so many plastic bags from the commisarry! They pile up in our cupboard and my son takes them out and they are all over! also using reusable bags gives more space in the trunk when we load the car. =)

  2. I would use snapsacs to carry toys to appointments, groceries and other household good from the store, and to organize lunch on the go!

  3. I would love these…I get so many of those regular plastic bags from the commissary. And they won’t take them in the recycle bin. I would love to actually have a set of reuseable bags!

  4. I love reusale bags not just because of the environmental reasons but because I don’t have a huge stash of commisarry bags under my sink any more. I would use te snap bag for a beach bag if I were to win one.

  5. It may sound silly but these reusable bags often come with fun patterns or in general look pretty nice so I sometimes use them as gift bags and put tissue paper to fancy it up. Might seem tacky but my friends and I love to use them for everything so getting your gift in a reusable bag is always a gift in itself.

  6. I always use my reusable bags and would love to add to my collection (especially since they are starting to get a little worn). I would use the new bags at all my shopping destinations but mostly at Target and the Commissary!

  7. These bags would be great for me. I would use them at the store, going to the beach, and for car travel. Since we are going back home to GA in May and we have a tiny little Nissan they would be great. I would also use them for PCSing and for air travel, one carry-on bag go to go. Possibilities are endless.

  8. I’ve never heard of reusable bags! They sound life something great to use. I’m v ery earth friendly and not ashamed to say I help recycle. I would use the bag to put my papers, make-up (not going to lie), medicine for the kids if were on the road, there’s so many things its good for! I’m getting all excited over owning one already,i how I get tge chance to win one!!!

  9. I would tuck them inside of a suitcase when traveling to pack all of the goodies I always buy. I never have enough suitcase room for souviners and this is perfect.

  10. I love reusable bage, but have been running short at the commissary lately. I could use an extra one. They would also be great to pack our swim stuff for trips to the Y. Both my boys have signed up for swim lessons.

  11. These would come in very handy! I could use them for extra clothes for my 3 year old Twins on trips or for daycare, packing lunches, shopping, and other countless ways! Thanks!

  12. I love reuseable bags…I use them for everything…but I think the best use is for the beach….sand don’t get all over from leaking out and you can through them in the washer

  13. I looked at the website and think this is an excellent item! I really like the totes, I would use this for my middle child since he is potty training and it looks better and is so much durable than a LLBean bag and inexpensive! I would use the reusable grocery bags for library books, or toys back and forth to grandmas house…

  14. The beginning of this year 2011 I vowed to switch from plastic grocery bags to using reusable grocery bags and I did YAY!

    I love my reusable bags but the quality varies and would love to snag some of those lovely SnapSacs they would round out my ever growing stash of reusable bags.

  15. I use reusable bags for everything. Grocery shopping, cleaning out the car, diaper bags, for jackets while shopping, and even for cleaning my house. I love that they fold small and have stylish designs.

  16. I always use reusable bags while doing my grocery shopping although the ones I purchase arent all that great so I would love to win these!

  17. never have to many reusable bags……groceries,sports,winter cloths(hats etc) overnight bag, list goes on and on and on and with 3 very active kids…..we use alot. plus my daughter is headed to college in fall and i am starting to gather things for her……

  18. I would use them at the commissary for groceries and we are very active during the summer so they would make a good organization for my suv for little odds and ends that we leave in the car for the lake and beach. They are so cute and would lotally look so much better than my green resuable

  19. I would use the snapsac bags everywhere I go because I already do that with the not so stylish bags I have. I use one to bring my lunch to work everyday. I like the large snap sac bags because I can hold more groceries in one bag and make less trips. I would also use the bags to travel and probably to do my laundry too.

  20. We take lots of little trips and you can always use cute bags to keep snacks, dog toys, and a picnic blanket in!

  21. I would use these Snapsacs for the beach, on the plane, or even just going out and about. I LOOOOOVE reusable bags & so does my husband, he always tries to steal mine! haha

  22. We are currently stationed in Germany. You have to have your own bags over here. Have a ton of the cheap ones but these are super cute. Great idea!!

  23. Thanks for the video, love the uniqueness of each bag in looks and size…that they fold means they fit in my car doors so they don’t take up any extra room and I have some disabilities so it is easier for me to carry groceries or other shopping I may do…I already “LIKE” to ArmyWife101

  24. I went to the SnapSac FB page and looked around, they have some interesting stories posted and I “LIKE” them as well…thanks for the opportunity to win a set…another area they would be useful to me is sometimes I have to carry my medical records, meds etc. to Madigan and one of these would be so much nicer than what I have LOL…

  25. There are so many uses for these bags really the sky is the limit LOL. You asked how would I use the SnapSac bags and I listed some things I had initially thought of after watching the video and using it as a travel bag for clothes (for fun or doc appts) and shopping for fake flowers LOL, sounds funny to some but that way they don’t get squashed if I put them in the bag when rang up at the checkout…

  26. I would use them for shopping at the commissary since it’s the only store here…… LOL. Or for carrying my stuff to the beach/pool…. OR for carrying all my crap loads of snacks to and from work every day.

  27. Omg! I would so use these for shopping at places other than the grocery store cause it always looks so silly using the ugly grocery style reusable bags at like the mall. This would have me looking so much more stylish!

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