This post features the importance of treating yourself, and is sponsored by The Jewelry Republic. Owned by a USMC Veteran and a milspouse, TJR is the jeweler of the military community. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

“I think at this point, I deserve it, don’t I?” Milspouse Emma Boudah hears this question from women quite a lot in her line of work. “Yes, you’ve earned it,” Emma replies with heartfelt conviction.

Irish-born Emma and her husband, Greg, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, founded and run the elegant jewelry company, The Jewelry Republic (TJR). The couple currently resides with their son in Thailand, where they design and create fashionable jewelry that’s ideal for everyday wear, anniversaries, birthdays, the red carpet, and more.

Emma’s work environment involves sparkling, multi-colored gemstones, and as a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America, she manages The Jewelry Republic’s design team. A self-proclaimed Magpie, Emma collects the best precious stones the gem markets have to offer.

“We are the jeweler of the military community, and The Jewerly Republic proudly makes the jewelry you deserve,” shares Emma. (And yes, they offer a military discount!)

Women worldwide trust Emma with their jewelry designs.

Emma creates gorgeous, meaningful pieces featuring the world’s finest gemstones. Emma lets us in on the secret, “Women often ask for pieces with one of the ‘big four’ gemstones. They’ll admit that they’ve always wanted to own a sapphire, diamond, ruby or emerald.”

Emma Boudah is the milspouse behind the husband-and-wife team of The Jewelry Republic.[/caption%5D

What Do Women Order From Emma?

A variety of jaw-dropping options from earrings, to necklaces, to bracelets, to rings, are available from TJR. Here are common orders that women are loving right now.

  • Birthstone rings. “Women love to work with me to design their perfect birthstone ring, that features her birthstone, or one that also incorporates her husband and children’s birthstones. Engraving dates into rings is also another popular choice,” shares Emma.
  • New family heirlooms. “The women I work with are looking for something that they can pass on to their daughters, therefore nothing old-fashioned,” she explains. “They want something their daughters will want to wear later on.”
  • Milestone celebration jewelry. “I design jewelry to celebrate an event, a significant birthday (often 40), an anniversary, the birth of children, and even time spent living in a different country,” shares Emma.

Behind-The-Scenes Fun Facts

So often as women, we wonder if we’re making the best choice. You aren’t alone in this, and Emma wants you to know what typically happens when clients connect with her.

  • The ladies do the work. Emma has found that after the engagement and wedding rings, the man often doesn’t want to have to figure out what his wife wants. She laughs and says, “She wants to choose for herself. Their relationship is developed enough to where they can be open about that. He says ‘Go ahead!’ and is relieved that we’ll figure it out directly with her. Usually she pays, she designs, she chooses but, we all pretend it’s ‘From HIM.’ No kidding!”
  • Jewelry is often purchased after the event. There is no need to rush a special purchase. Emma says, “No one seems to mind if the jewelry is purchased after the fact, or late, as long as it represents that event.”
  • Ladies are mindful of perception. We love beauty, details, and want to make sure that things are just right. Emma explains, “My clients want their design to be cool but not over the top. They want their rings to draw compliments and be somewhat trend-aware. Definitely not their own mother’s style.” 


Emma wants you to know that you are worth it.

Emma firmly believes that her clients can’t go wrong with their designs and that diamonds suit everyone. When it comes to designing a personal piece, Emma loves telling women, “It’s your ring, you can do whatever you want.”

Emma is right. As women, military spouses, and mothers, it is easy to put the needs and wants of others first. But there comes a time when we need to shift the focus from others and treat ourselves. Emma lives the lifestyle and truly understands it. Can your jeweler say that?

“I love designing pieces that attract the right kind of attention that women will get compliments on,” explains Emma.

Gemstone Magic From The Jewelry Republic

Here’s what you need to know about The Jewelry Republic:

  • TJR offers a 10% military discount
  • TJR ships to FPO and APO
  • TJR is a veteran- and milspouse-owned small business
  • TJR keeps you up-to-date with the latest and greatest on their social media. Be sure to like and follow: TJR Facebook, TJR Instagram, and TJR YouTube.

An Intimate Chat With Emma

Tune in not just for her lovely Irish accent, but also for Emma’s wisdom and insight. She’ll chat about what it means to be a military spouse, live in various countries around the world, and own a business with your significant other. (Hint: Make sure you each have your own desk!) To work with her, visit




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