View from our room of main pool area at Nick Hotel
View from our room of main pool area at Nick Hotel

Disclosure: My stay was provided complimentary courtesy of Nick Hotels. All opinions expressed are my own.


I grew up a child of the 80’s and early 90’s and like most kids at that time Nickelodeon was the “bizness”. We didn’t have a million cable channels and kids channels like today’s generation , so Nick was our outlet for fun family programming. Fast forward 20+ years later I learn there is a Nick Hotel located in Orlando , Florida. As a military lifestyle blogger I am always on the lookout for fun vacation spots that offer savings for military and their families. Nick Hotel recently allowed my family and I to stay at their hotel complimentary and check out all they had to offer on the premises.


We made our way to the check in area after 4pm and waited in line for just a few. Check in wasn’t bad as I could appreciate the time the front desk reps took to explain the events and amenities offered at the resort. The lobby was so cool with a high ceiling skylight filled with Nick characters.

The Room


We were given a 2 bedroom suite in building 7 on the 3rd floor which was easy to find since all the buildings are numbered. Our room had a kitchenette with a fridge , microwave and sink with paper towels and a mirror. Any parent knows how handy all of that comes in when you have kids and someone is always hungry or thirsty. We had a living room area with a sofa bed and lounge chair. There were a total of 3 televisions one being a flatscreen in the living room. The suite was decorated of course in characters from kids shows featured on Nick. Our theme consisted of “Spongebob”. The kids loved their fun Spongebob decked out decor along with the bunk bed in their room. The other room is styled in a more adult like sophisticated theme. Believe me you will love retreating to your mature like decor after being with the kids all day. The rooms are not inside the hotel, meaning when you open your door you in a corridor outside. We had an amazing view of the main pool area.

2-bedroom Kidsuite

The Pool and Main Kids Area


The pool area has over 6 slides and flumes and was well guarded with very alert lifeguards and different depths for beginner and advanced swimmers. At the main pool area the hotel staff puts on live games Nick Style and most of them include the famous “Nick Slime”. At night movies are played that kids can watch from the pool and parents can lounge on their pool chairs with a nice drink from the Lagoon Bar! Kids will also love listening out for the alarm that signals a live show is about to happen poolside followed by a 400 gallon bucket of slime being dumped on them!

Oasis Poolside Entertainment (4)

Food and The Mall



One of the things I am confused about is why is this place called a hotel! In my opinion it’s more like a resort because this is certainly not a basic hotel with rooms and vending machines. There are several onsite eateries and a mall area that includes a gift shop, pizza shop, an arcade, A Subway and oh dare I not forget a STARBUCKS!!!! For those in need of tickets or other theme park services there is a ticket desk and guest services desk for help with that. We had the chance to eat breakfast at the Spongebob Bikini Bottom Character Breakfast in the Nicktoons Cafe. The breakfast was a well stocked buffet with everything from your usual bacon and eggs , french toast sticks to made to order omelettes and breakfast burritos. We even requested turkey bacon which wasn’t out on the buffet but the chef had no problem making us some and hand delivering it to our table. My son had a great time taking pics and dancing to the sing alongs while we stuffed our faces.

For those who kids have allergies you will be pleased to know Nick Hotel takes that very seriously and made it their business to know if my kids had any food allergies so they could make accommodations. One piece of advice I will offer for the food court is at night if you want a snack get there before the pool closes. The minute the pool closed at 10PM (while I was there)  there was a mass influx of hungry folks and it got a bit hectic. Dinner is also offered in the Nicktoons Cafe with a nice selection of options to choose from the menu or a buffet. I had the Shrimp Quesadilla which was really good and a great deal of shrimp in it. There is also a Ninja Turtle dinner where you can take plenty of pictures with them.

Double Dare Live
Double Dare Live

Free Shuttles are also available to select parks along with fun packages and programs that you can sign the kids up for. We had the chance to attend Double Dare Live which was a life long dream of mine and had an amazing time.

All in all we had a great stay and I really have no complaints. Nick Hotel is definitely a place FOR KIDS. If you are going there to relax than it may not be the place for you but if it’s all about the kids then by all means go for it. Don’t worry when the night is over you can always end with it a Green Maui Wowee!


With Florida being the most traveled state for military families on vacation you will be glad to know that Nick Hotel offers an amazing package for military and government personnel:

Military Discount

  • Up to 15% Savings on cozy accommodations
  • 10% Savings on Cabana Rentals
  • 10% Savings on Food, Snacks, Drinks and Other Stuff Store (excluding Nick Stuff Store)
  • 10% Savings on 4-D Experience
  • $50 Savings on the Ultimate SLIME Experience
Learn more about the Nick Hotel and their military promotion by visiting NickHotel.com or clicking here.






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