I was doing my usual internet surfing this morning while watching a good classic nineties Christmas episode of Family Matters. In any event I came across an article which discusses how Congress is working on legislation to be sent to the president in which military and their families on orders would move pass airport security faster.

Here’s the kicker: Service members would have to be in uniform!

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I don”t know about you but frankly during PCS moves when we have flown hubby prefers to be comfortable and not in uniform. In addition we honestly don’t want to stand out when traveling. Some people may not believe it but service members can and have been targets in the past. I realize the service members are no strangers to traveling in uniform but I just feel that since we have to show military ID anyway , wouldn’t that be just as acceptable?

In all fairness this bill would make it easier for service members who are also traveling back on orders from overseas so that they wouldn’t have to remove alot of the medal and attachments that come with wearing a uniform. Essentially this bill was created so that service members could quickly pass through a security screening process that isn’ t for them. I mean after all they are the ones freaking going to war (supposedly) for the reasons these security procedures were created in the first place.

Check out the article here.

Are you comfortable traveling on a PCS move with your spouse in uniform? Why or Why not?



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11 Comments on Service Members & Their Dependents To Get Faster Screening At Airports While on Orders…BUT!

  1. With the military personnel and their families being targets absolutley not will my husband wear his uniform while traveling if not ordered to do so. The USAF don’t have to wear their uniforms while traveling at least mine did not when going to Iraq this last time.

    We are overseas and what happened in Germany with those Airmen being killed at the airport could have been prevented if our own gov’t would practice a little opsec themselves. No reason they should have been on a bus that clearly identified them as US military.

  2. We have a few restaurants here that will only give the military discount when soldiers are in uniform. I think ID should be just as good for that as well.

  3. Funny that they are doing this now… When my husband and I were coming to Hawaii, we almost missed our flight out of St Louis to San Fran because the drop off and take off gates were on the opposite sides of the airport! We got lost and ended up outside (don’t ask, I have no idea how that happened) so when we came back in, we had to go through security!!! The line was INSANELY long, so I hopped to the front of the flight crew line and explained our situation to the person letting people through the metal detector. He reused to let us go ahead. Well the flight crew heard me talking and saw my husband (in uniform) at the back of the passenger line, and waved him over!! They all let us “cut line” one by one until we were at the front and got through just in time to high tail it to our flight. That was one heck of a run with our big ol’ carry ons, but we made it right before they stopped seating!!

    I honestly think that in order to skip all the lines, and my husband agrees, that he will gladly wear his ACU’s. He just said as long as it’s not ASU’s, he’s ok with it!

  4. my dad is a pilot an in order to get through security he has to be in full uniform. its just being precasious. we cant do anything about it. its safety rules. i know our husbands may not be comfy, but they also dont have to wait hours in line. its helpful, trust me. id isnt good enough, you have to look and be proffessional. its how the airlines work. ive dealt with it my whole life. security is a big deal, we should bitch about uniforms. its needed to wear.

  5. If they are on orders then yes, they should be wearing their uniform. If they are on personal time then no, they shouldnt have to. And nicole…your dad is the pilot, the uniform is part of the job.

  6. Laurie – Discounts for our servicemen and women are not rights and are and should be at the discretion of the person offering the discount so if they specify you must be in uniform to get the discount be happy they are even offering it. Not all places do. As for the security line – many of the medals and attachments on the uniforms come of fairly easily I can’t imagine why its such a big deal. ALSO, its unfortunate but we do live in a world where as a previous poster said anyone can acquire ACU’s and wear them. Many TSA people will have no idea if they’re real or not! In addition to that, we have some service people who are a little unstable and might do something if given the chance i.e not given a proper screening due to a uniform. SO the rules are there and should apply to everyone! And before you all jump on me for being unpatriotic, I have a brother in the army and a cousin in the air force both are veterans of our latest war. I have the utmost respect for the men and women who choose to serve America in this way.

  7. Yeah. I wouldn’t care. Although, last Christmas we went back to Hood from Detroit and we got to go through the special line for first class passengers and military only at the security gate. He wasn’t in uniform. We just had to show our id’s.

  8. My hubby rarely travels in uniform. Especially if he knows he will be going through certain countries. Unfortunately, as you stated, there are people out there who see him as a target. Why on earth would he want to put his family in harm’s way. An id and orders should be enough. And just for the record, he wears his uniform everyday to work; he doesn’t see it as uncomfortable. He truly does not want to “stand out” in the crowd. Besides that, in his mind if someone tried something such as an attack, they would not be expecting him to “Go into action.”

  9. Traveling with family on PCS orders, vacation and whatnot, and wearing the uniform to get through security faster is cheesy as hell. Wait in line like everyone else. They are trying to get somewhere too. If the soldier is on official orders (going back from R&R, traveling to schools, etc), then by all means, make it easier for them!

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