Hubby had not went back into the military when my little guy was born six years ago , so I had no choice but to have him in a civilian hospital. I had him at Cape Fear Hospital in Fayetteville NC where Fort Bragg is located. For the ladies who are curious to know how my experience was there, I would say in one word “GREAT”. I felt showered with care, they were super attentive and the delivery rooms were HUGE!

I even had my own personal room after I had the baby… so no sharing .

Today on the AW101 FB Page I asked the military spouses where they preferred to deliver military or civilian.

See what they had to say by clicking below:

Military or Civilian

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7 Comments on Military Hospital or Civilian Hospital…Where Should You Have Your Baby?

  1. Personally, I could never give birth at a military hospital. I have had awful experiences with the military care where I currently am, and heard enough to scare me witless. I think it’s great for those who have had great experiences though. I gave birth last June, at our local hospital and had a good experience as far as he hospital and the staff.

  2. I had my son at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood, TX and at first I thought it would be this bad experience since alot of people told me all these crazy story, but my whole experience there was pretty great, ever since I found out I was pregnant till the time I gave birth, I loved it, everyone was nice and friendly, maybe I just got lucky with my care there, since my husband knew alot of people working there since he’s in the medeical field, but its not like I have anything else to compare it to since its my first child!

  3. Every mother would love to chose where she can have here child when that monment comes. But as alot of us know, we don’t always get our way when in comes to the military. When you are over seas the closeset military hospital could be hours away so you have to go to a local one. Most majior hospitals do have staff that speack english and are ready to help.

  4. I’m a Navy wife and I had both of my girls at NMCP in Virginia and, had an amazing experience. I had the same doctor for both pregnancies and she followed me from day one. I know this probably isn’t the norm but it was my experience.

  5. I had my son at Winn Community Hospital on Ft. Stewart GA. My whole pregnancy I was hearing horror stories about the dr’s and the rooms. But when I went into labor they had renovated it so the delivery room was huge and I had my own room in the mother baby unit. The dr was AMAZING and so was the staff so supportive. He had a lot of meconium when he was born but they were so attentive to it and had the pediatrician on call in the room while i was delivering for after he was born. The only complaint was after he was born he wasnt eating or breathing good and i kept telling them he had gunk clogging his nose that was why and noone would listen they kept blaming me cuz he wasnt eating until i literally cried to a night nurse who cleaned his nose out and was fine after that. But overall i was pleased with the OB service during pregnancy and delivery.

  6. I had my first daughter at a civilian hospital and my second at a military hospital (Tripler).

    I had my own room for both of them. I had very nice nurses after each birth. I had a great midwife for my civilian birth, and a new, irritating OB for my military birth.

    I’m trying to figure out how I can have my next baby at home and have Tricare pay for it. I prefer to have a no intervention, no drug, natural birth, and that’s very difficult to do peacefully and calmly in any hospital, civilian or military.

  7. My sister was born on an army post and I was born in a civilian hospital. My mom says she preferred civilian because the army wouldn’t give her an epidural and she had to have a natural birth. That may not be the case anymore, but even so, when my little one comes, I’ll be heading off-post! :o)

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