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You know we do so much as wives and moms period. However being a military spouse further adds to the pressure of marriage and motherhood considering some of the challenges like deployments, TDY’s, etc. Although I am not big on huge groups of friends I love smaller intimate groups and one of my favorite things is going out for a girls day or girls weekend. I don’t care how much you love your kids and husband there is nothing like a day or weekend away with a close friend to just say “AHHHH”!

The good folks at the Myrtle Beach Convention & Visitor’s Bureau gave myself and my best friend a chance to explore Myrtle Beach and enjoy a girls weekend on them recently and boy was it amazing and oh so relaxing. Let me say that I didn’t know how much I needed a getaway until I actually needed a getaway. One of the great things was that although this was an overnight getaway I was still less then three hours from home which happens to be right here in the Fort Bragg area. For those who live in and around Fort Bragg, one of the perks of Myrtle Beach is that it is super close.

Our trip begin Friday evening we left at 6:30PM and by 9-ish we were pulling up to the beautiful and scenic Hampton Inn & Suites Oceanfront Resort located on the main strip. Checkin was a breeze and my gosh the room was the BOMB! We had a 2 bedroom suite with oceanfront views. Our suite was also equipped with a full kitchen , a table for 4 , a living room with couches and a chaise lounge. Our glass door opened to a balcony with 2 rocking chairs just waiting for me to sit in them and enjoy the calming sounds of Myrtle Beach’s ocean.


That first evening we indulged in what reminded me of high school. We drove to Nathan’s ordered slaw dogs, wings, and cheese fries and indulged along with a bit of wine. It was great to get Nathan’s there and it was open 24 hours. We also drove the strip and then went to Walmart because a trip is not the same without a trip there in another city. We had no reason or purpose to go there but we just needed to see what was on clearance at 1am and get candy and junk food because a girl’s weekend isn’t complete without all of that yumminess.



Here’s a video from our Walmart in Myrtle Beach Adventure.

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