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I recently was offered the chance to try out the Illumask. You may have seen them on TV or at Walmart. They resemble some kind of mask that looks similar to a White Power Ranger or some kind of character from one of those Commando shows. This to me is one of the reasons I was excited to try it out.


What is Illumask?

Illumask is an anti aging mask that uses red light therapy to reduce signs of aging. This includes fine lines and wrinkles. The lighting in the mask stimulates enzymes which cause regeneration that results in more circulation. Collagen and elastin are produced which is great because these are good things when it comes to your face.

Things To Know About Illumask:

Via Illumask:

  • Illumask only uses safe, gentle, and effective NON UV light
  • Illumask will leave no irritation, side effects or downtime
  • Illumask is an FDA cleared medical device
  • It’s as easy to use as pushing a button!
  • The longer you use Illumask, the better the results (part of your daily skin care regimen)
  • Red & infrared light is known to stimulate collagen and elastin production, softening fine lines and wrinkles and evening out skin tone

How The Mask Works?

There are two Illumasks available. One is an Acne Mask and then there is the one I tried above. The Illumask comes with 30 treatments and is easy to operate. You simply connect the mask to the treatment device and press the button. The treatment device lets you know how many treatments you have left. After you’ve started your treatment simply lay down or relax and wait for the mask to complete its 15 minute session. One thing I really love is that this mask is a great way to take a fifteen minute break to yourself.

My Experience with Anti Aging Illumask

When I first put on the Illumask I was a little startled by the red bright lights inside the mask, however, there is no pain and you don’t feel anything. I usually doze off when I am wearing it. Call me crazy, but after day five of the 30 day treatment I felt like my skin looked a bit clearer and had a glow to it. I honestly thought I was just fooling myself, but after researching – I read reviews from other people who said they too noticed something different about their skin within the first week that they couldn’t exactly pinpoint.  Something else I noticed was that after each use, my skin was softer. I think the best results come when you make sure to wash your face thoroughly before each treatment. I plan on continuing usage to even my skin tone out more.
How To Get Illumask
Illumask is sold at retailers like Walmart, but you can easily order it on the Illumask website. The mask retails for $29.99 which equals out to like a $1 a day per treatment. Learn more about Illumask here.



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