Happy Holidays everyone! Christmas it’s not only one the most exciting holidays of the year, but the season where spend our money like there’s no tomorrow. So I thought, what would be one way to save some money this Christmas??? And VOLA! Gift wrapping! Yes, gift wrapping!

So here are 5 great budget friendly gift wrapping tips to make your credit cards and wallet happy these holidays.

Use Recycled Gift Bags

Go through your house and check if you have any gift bags that you have collected throughout the year/s that are in great condition.  (FYI: make sure the tags are off; you do not want to gift the person with a bag that has another person’s name).

Big Pretty Bows

Bows make anything look nice and fancy.  They are simple and affordable to the pocket. If you have any ribbon and are crafty, why not make one.  You can always look online to get some ideas!

FRG gift wrapping

Many FRG’s have Gift Wrapping Fundraisers during this time.  Not only are they great and convenient, but they take money donations and help out soldiers and their families.  If you have any questions, contact your FRG leader for information and questions.

Store gift wrapping

Many stores around town offer free and/or low price gift wrapping bags and/or boxes, these holidays.  So, do not hesitate to ask your cashier if they offer these cool deals.

Magazine Cut-Outs

All you need is a glue stick, tape, and cool magazines you have around your house! This is a fun and creative way to customize your gift wrapping for your loved ones.  The best part is to see the other person’s reaction when they receive the cool wrapping that you put time and thought to.

Saving a couple of money will always come a long way! Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Great New Year!



Alé is a Latina Army Wife from Texas, who currently Pcs’ed to Fort Bragg, NC from Germany. She is mommy of 3 yr old, Sophia and wife to, Troy.  She earned a college degree in TV and Radio Broadcasting/Journalism.  While and after earning
her degree, she had the opportunity to work at: Radio stations, TV stations, an elementary school and CDC.  Given these opportunities it has allowed her to explore, learn different cultures and backgrounds.  In her spare time, she enjoys: reading, dancing, traveling, watching movies, homeschooling Sophia (before she starts PREK), and spending quality time with Troy.  




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