Ever since the days of Rosie the Riveter’s “We Can Do It” campaign, women on the home front have gotten well-deserved attention for their resourcefulness and resiliency.

When we get right down to it, we military spouses are a select breed – a group of men and women with skills and experiences that add value to any organization and any job.

But, you know that already. Perhaps what you’re struggling with, however, is just how you articulate this in an interview, represent it on a resume and or even write it on a cover letter. Don’t sweat it – I’ll show you how to get your strengths across whether you’re speaking with – or writing to – an employer.

Play up your adaptability

If anyone can understand changes, it’s a military spouse. Between frequent moves and working around our spouse’s TDY’s, deployments, shift work and children’s school schedule, things rarely look the same from year to year (or sometimes week to week!). So you know how to roll with the punches and make necessary adjustments so that everything falls into place … all while doing it with a smile (mostly) on your face.

How does this translate professionally? You can:

Weather sudden assignment changes and revisions

Adjust accordingly when a deadline or priority shifts

Jump on board as soon as you’re assigned an additional project/task

Talk about your perseverance

Your spouse made a commitment to our country, and by committing to them, you have accepted a unique lifestyle. Let’s face it, at least once in your time as a military spouse, you’ve had to weather whatever was happening in your life alone. Maybe your spouse was away for Basic or AIT. Maybe you’re feeling it with TDY or — even longer — a deployment. As a military spouse, you quickly learn how to stay strong and pick up all the pieces – literally – left around the house.

How does this translate professionally? You can:

Go the extra mile on any task

Maintain a professional demeanor when work gets challenging

See the value in working independently

Explain why teamwork is important to you.

Sure, you have a nuclear family, but you’re also part of a military family that you rely on for support. Being a military spouse means you’re giving and taking support and advice on a regular basis – as a spouse sponsor, friendly neighbor, babysitter, participant in a spouse’s club, volunteering on base. It’s about working together as a community so that the bigger picture works – for the person in the military, the spouse and family, and our country at large.

How does this translate professionally? You can:

Collaborate on projects from multiple offices/departments

Learn new skills/information in a multi-disciplinary environment

Build synergy while collectively forwarding the organization’s mission

Employers Who Actively Recruit Military Spouses

Once you turn your military spouse experience into desirable office skills, you need to target an employer who actively recruits military spouses.

One company who does this is Health Net. Health Net understands that, as a military spouse, “you have an honorable and disciplined work ethic, and share a common understanding of serving or being in a family with those who have served.”

They get it. And you know what you should get? One of their jobs if you live in the Tampa area! They are opening a new Regional Office in Tampa, Florida, and have more than 500 job openings to fill. I’ve been told that Health Net is looking to recruit veterans and military spouses to fill those vacancies.

Their brand-new regional office features some pretty amazing benefits for its employees like:

A first-class gym


On-site day care

Health Net Federal Services is one of the largest health care companies in the nation and partners with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. They strive to provide cost-effective and high-quality health care services to our veterans throughout the country. Health Net selected the Tampa location for its proximity to the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital.

If you have excellent customer service skills and want to help with the growing needs of our veteran population, then this may be the opportunity for you. Check out the links below to find out more about Health Net.

New Regional Office Creates Over 500 Jobs in Tampa

Tampa Job Listings

Virtual Tour of Tampa Regional Office

It is Health Net’s priority to hire veterans and military spouses. You’ll love working at Health Net Federal Services where you can’t help but feel at home.

This blog post was sponsored by Health Net, but the opinions are all my own.




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