A few weeks ago my fourteen year approached me with the words that I figured I still had time before I heard them” Mom we have a dance coming up at school…can I go”?

My baby is a good student and a good kid and very rarely asks to go anywhere so of course I said yes. Now came the next debacle …what to wear!

What should have been an easy and fun process , frankly became a pain in the ass. The school had a (so called) strict dress code which consisted of no spaghetti straps without a cover up and the dress had to come below your knees. The other stipulation was that it had to be formal.

So off I go to the stores where I found nothing. Everything was either to long , to short, strapless or had spaghetti straps and no cover up to match.

I googled “homecoming dresses” figuring those would be alittle more less risque then some of the prom dresses I had come across. I searched high and low for two weeks and finally on Amazon ,I found a dress that wasn’t strapless, didn’t have spaghetti straps and hit well below the knee without being to long and looking like it was for a more mature woman.


I admit I was pretty damn annoyed that the school seemed to be dictating what I could buy for my child. I mean hell don’t they know how much goes into finding a dress and shoes anyway , not to mention finding one that meets specific requirements.

Sidenote: The girls also are allowed to wear tank tops with spaghetti straps…ugh! All the Walmart special tanks are spaghetti strapped so that rules those out!

It wasn’t until I picked up my daughter that my whining ceased because at that very moment I understood why the school had to implement these restrictions. Out came a young girl in my daughter’s grade with 5 inch heels on and a one piece skin tight dress. Even though I understood why the school created these rules, I had to wonder why the school didn’t stop the student from entering the dance.

All that aside it was after 9pm and I was to tired to become the “Norma Rae” of the dance. At that very moment I was so glad that my fourteen year old look fourteen and not twenty!

How do you feel about restrictions of certain types of clothes at your children’s school?




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1 Comment on No Spaghetti Strap Dresses Allowed…Ugh The Freaking Agony!

  1. I understand why the school implements the rules, my frustration is the same as yours. After weeks of finding something for my child that fits the requirements, seeing a child that obviously didn’t follow the rules sometimes makes me see red lol on the other hand I feel sorry for the children too because their parents obviously didn’t take the time with the child that they needed to. No self respecting parent should let their teen look like they should be working a street corner. :(

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