It is important to me to share the real side of this life . The joys , the frustrations of this lifestyle are what make it all full circle for me. Everything can’t be perfect as you will see in the video below, where I share a situation that has happened to me with the housing office at my soon to be new duty station:

I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences in the comments section below!

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10 Comments on PCS Diaries: Frustrations with Applying for Housing

  1. Not surprised that there’s wrong information sitting out there somewhere in cyberspace. As a former web master, it irritates me to see old and outdated links on one of the many Army websites. It also pains me to see wrong information in one place but accurate in another. It’s time to stream line the many housing resource websites. Sorry to hear about your news though, I know it’s frustrating.

  2. I know it doesn’t change anything but I wanted to add my two cents. It’s my understanding that Picerne is the housing office that runs Ft. Bragg as well as Ft. Riley, where I am stationed. When we got orders to leave Ft. Hood to go to Riley we emailed all of our docs 90 days in advance and were placed on a waitlist. The list was crazy long so we ended up getting off-post housing only to have the housing office call us the week after we signed our lease asking how soon could we move in. We are still on the list, despite turning down housing when we first got there earlier this year, until my husband returns from deployment. I’m sure you’ve already done this and it probably did no good, but I would forward the email that states you were placed on the list 90 days ago and that you were not notified of any changes to policy during that wait time and that you should be placed back on the list accordingly. I, thankfully, have had no problems with the girl who runs the JNCO housing list and can email her at anytime with questions or concerns I might have. I don’t mind emailing her and asking if a Picerne Military Housing policy has been changed if you’d like some backup info. Best of luck to you – I hope you enjoy Bragg, but I know how hard it must be to leave Hawaii!

    • @Jennifer I would love if you could do that, if you would email me at that would be great.

      @Karla I absolutely agree. Way to many times have I went to website for official Army regs and info and they are not updated. Another pet peeve is going to the housing sites and see that there are no pics of the inside of housing. Shouldn’t future residents be able to see things such as that.

      Thanks for your wonderful feedback ladies :)

  3. I’m sorry for all of your troubles, but now I know not to even bother before we get to Bragg. I am having the same dilemma-to just go ahead and take housing (if its ever available at the time we arrive) or to set up and prepare for plan B-living off post from the get go so I don’t have to mess with our schedules etc, too much. Thankfully we are leaving in the summer, so I do not have to worry about school stuff (minus of course being a decent district). Hugs your way for not choking some one through the phone.

  4. Don’t feel bad we are getting ready to PCS to Stewart and did the whole “applying” for housing online also. We got the “welcome to Ft Stewart Housing” happy email too but on their website our application still shows that they haven’t processed it lol I have yet to call to see whats going on, but now it’s definatley on my to-do list for tomorrow. I’ll let you know what they tell me :o)

  5. If you do end up looking off base I would really suggest looking at Linden. Its just out the back gates and is such a nice area in comparisson to other parts. The commute to and from work is also shorter since so much of the area is just now being developed. Before my husband was sent to Ft. Riley we had been playing with the idea of buying in that area. Big item to prepare for and consider when you look at the surrounding area is the proximity to the convention center/arena and general congestion from local population. On average ( we lived in the city an that was a mistake) a 15 mile drive took close to a hour to get in the gate and to his work station. From the back gate it would of been a 20-30 minute drive with congestion.

  6. We had an issue with housing at our last duty station, Fort Lewis, WA. The best advice that I have to give is to talk to the unit commander or1st sgt. Usually they are really motivated to help you out any way they can. We just got stationed at Fort Bragg. We bought a house in Hope Mills. It’s a great area too. We actually live in a new neighborhood, Crosswinds. It has a pretty wide variety of new houses that are ready to move in to. My husband is an E5 and we found a great house that we have no problems affording. Also, his drive from post is only 15 minutes. My sister-in-law is also an army wife and she suggested that I get on your website and a few others on facebook :) I have yet to make any decent friends, so I decided to give it a try. Please let me know if you need any help with your move! Good Luck!

  7. Yup, I was floored as well!!! Our PCS from Schofield to Fort Bragg, however, isn’t until July. I did a little research and was pleased to find out about the waitlist 90 days out. Then I found out about the policy change today. Guess we will be submitting an exception to policy note from my daughter’s doctors and praying that housing approves.

  8. Why did we privatize post housing? Apparently, it’s as ineffective as when it wasn’t privatized. Heads need to role in your situation. People are getting too comfortable with their job security.

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