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I’ll never forget the day that I sat in my office, somberly typing up my two-week’s notice for my boss, because my military family was relocating to Germany. I’ll admit — I loved my job, my team, and my leadership, so it wasn’t easy to break the news. The conversation went well, kind words were said, and I had a wonderful going-away luncheon. But when it boils down to it, I wondered — as a military spouse — “Would I ever find a job like this again?”

Sad Young Businesswoman Packing Her Belongings In Cardboard Box At Workplace

We milspouses have to apply for, interview, secure, and leave jobs every three years, on average. No wonder our resumes are a mess. Some of us end up putting our professional aspirations on hold, others can only find volunteer opportunities, while others launch businesses just to have some form of consistency.

It’s been reported that the unemployment rate for spouses of active-duty military is at least 4x the national average. And many military spouses who are employed, have jobs that don’t match their higher skill, education, or prior salary levels.

Is your diploma collecting dust versus going to good use? Yeah… mine too.

I’ll admit, I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a career writing from home. But if you’re a nurse or a dental hygienist for example, working from home isn’t feasible.

Even if you haven’t acquired a formal education (because hello — PCSing, deployment, kids, and holding down the homefront), it affects you too. Starting over from the bottom of a new job again and again can be a tad demoralizing.

There has to be a better answer, but what other options do we have?

Have you considered aligning yourself with a company that is committed to proactively supporting military and their families, every day? Through hiring commitments, career programs, employee networks, and the T-Mobile ONE for Military rate plan, you should get to know the Un-carrier.

What Does T-Mobile Do That’s Different?

They know that veterans and their spouses make a significant contribution to our workforce, and bring in diverse perspectives and ideas. As a result, T-Mobile is continuing on their commitment to hire 10,000 veterans and their spouses by 2023. Wow! Yes, please!

Check out these benefits that come along with working for T-Mobile:

  •     They understand that our situations are different. T-Mobile does all they can for their military spouse employees, so that we can prioritize our career, while staying with our partners, who are dedicated to serving our country.
  •     Military spouses can request job transfers! If a military relocation is in the future, T-Mobile has a formal process for military spouses in their retail community to request a transfer to another retail store within 50 miles of their new location. T-Mobile will do their very best to make it happen every time!
  • They care about your transitioning spouse, too. T-Mobile wants all veterans to land their dream job after serving, which is why they continue to partner with FourBlock to help with this transition.

Get to know T-Mobile. And while considering your career options, if you’re looking for a reliable cell phone carrier with exclusive rates and perks for your military family, get to know T-Mobile ONE Military. They offer the BEST discount in wireless for military, veterans and their family. We know how hard it is to find a job, milspouse, so make your hard-earned money last longer, with T-Mobile.




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