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You would think brands who make millions per year would at least hire someone to monitor their social media feed on the weekend. After all that is where most customers share their complaints and experiences about your store.

This weekend took a different turn as it wasn’t just your ordinary customer serving up some virtual sparring, this time it was members of the military.

Apparently over the weekend Urban Outfitters released their new Surplus Jackets. The majority of the jackets were your basic surplus styled jacket in boring colors and even some camo prints. I had no idea camo prints would cause such a stir. However it wasn’t the camo print jackets that caused the stir, but the patches on the military themed jackets which sent Veterans , currently military personnel and their family members into an uproar.

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I have never been in the military so the only jacket that I gave the side eye to at first glance was the denim jacket with the patches depicting rank. As I scrolled through the comments on the UO Facebook page I soon learned that one of the jackets utilizes the Army Ranger patch as well, name tapes and other insignia.

This isn’t the first time these type of situations have happened and I usually don’t fall into the hype because I am a firm believer that some people (especially those who create these lines) are not the brightest crayon in the box. However, I have to say Veterans and service members have a right to feel disrespected and annoyed. Some people obviously have no clue how hard military personnel work to earn their rank and patches that signify great strength, determination and achievement.

The idea that some million dollar brand would carelessly throw military symbols on a jacket that some little young teen is going to wear without really knowing the meaning behind what they are wearing is pretty much a slap in the face to those who have laid down their lives in those stripes and patches. It’s also a slap in the face to military personnel who are here and work hard to earn the right to wear the same patches that for less then $100 anyone can rock!

As a rational person I would like to think that Urban Outfitters thought maybe they were paying homage to our military, by creating these tacky pieces. However the fact that you are not only charging but overcharging for them makes that notion go out the window. In addition if this was the case how about taking a small piece of the over priced tab on those military themed jackets and making a nice donation to a military organization.

As of yet Urban Outfitters has made no statement about this issue.

Do you think people are overreacting or do you find the jackets disrespectful?



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12 Comments on Retailer Urban Outfitters Creates Quite A Stir In The Military Community With New Jackets

  1. I think that UO didn’t take the time realize the possibility of overwhelming negative feedback from the military community. It really pisses me off that they used name tapes, Ranger scrolls, the Big Red One patch, rank and other military insignia on their new line of military surplus jackets. Our men & women who defend our country earn the right to wear these military patches, not some kid who doesn’t have a clue what any of it represents.

  2. Yes, anyone can go to a military surplus store and create these looks themselves. Sadly, it is done all the time. I agree, Urban Outfitters went to far this clothing line.. Now, if they want to continue the clothing line, then I think they should be making some huge donations to Military Affiliated organizations, like the Wounded Warrior Project, USO, etc.

  3. I can’t say I don’t love the look because I would totally rock any one them. I am a proud spouse and would have no issue wearing a jacket with a name tag or the even my husbands unit patch BUT, I believe that it is disrespectful to add rank and award patches. Those are earned, not issued. I really don’t see it being a whole lot different than the ACU purses, bags, wallets, and other attire that I see everywhere.
    PS I am in love with Starbucks fall favors.

  4. As a seller of vintage and a military spouse I can say that I understand where they got the idea. I have sold several camo jackets but altered none. Most came with the patches already on them. I also have a camo jacket that I have added my own personal touch to it. I like them but I don’t sell them for huge profits like UO. I agree they should donate a portion of the sales to a military organization.

  5. I’m saddened by this disrespect towards our military. I agree that if someone wishes to wear rank and military uniform, they should join. It will be hella more gratifying than buying a jacket from this lousy company.

  6. I find them very disrespectful! not only these clothes here, but how people no a days like to wear their army uniform out side of work. For example, PT shirts with jean at the mall. It just infuriates me! AND I feel the same way when spouses do the same thing with their soldiers uniform shirts. oh my gosh! do you not anything else at all to wear? I at time will wear a t-shirt the FRG has made as fundraiser with the company’s “logo or motto”, NOT my husband’s PT uniform. I sure as heck don’t go to PT at 4 am. my husband does and he deserves to wear that shirt. I wish people would learn some manners! show some respect!!!!

  7. I think people are over reacting. It is just a jacket. What about the wives who have bags made with their husbands name tape and their rank? Is that disrespectful? Or the homeless guy who bought an old uniform jacket? I think it is just another fashion thing that will eventually go away only to come back again in the future.

  8. I think that this is a constant topic that will continue to be brought up its fashion. I have a similar green jacket but it’s cropped and has the patches on the sides. No one has ever critized me about it but I have had plenty of guys hit on me saying “So you’re a Sargent, huh?” I don’t like the attention so I don’t wear it as much.

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