This past weekend clothing retailer Urban Outfitters released their new surplus jackets to the public via their Facebook page. The newly released pieces didn’t fare to well with military and Veterans because many of the jackets has military insignia such as Army Ranger patches and rank patches on them.

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Eighteen hours ago Urban Outfitters issued this apology:


While I am glad to see that UO apologized, I do take issue with the fact that this apology was not issued as an actual Facebook status for the public to see. Instead it was buried under a barrage of comments on another picture they placed up. Chances are very few will see it.

Additionally, something seems alittle shady about the apology. The last part of the apology reads:

we understand your concerns and will remove the Standard Cloth Patches Blue Vest from our website.

After reading that I have to wonder are they going to just remove the image from the website and still sell it or remove entirely? On top of that no mention of the other jackets with insignia being removed were mentioned unless I misunderstood?

As I stated yesterday I am not completely offended personally , instead I am more offended at Urban Outfitters lack of thinking as to how Veterans would take to their new line of apparel.

What do you think of Urban Outfitters apology?



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5 Comments on Update: Urban Outfitters Apologizes To Military But….

  1. That apology was a load of crap, in my opinion. It wasn’t sincere. Apparently they will do whatever they want as long as they can make a buck doing it.

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