If you’re a military spouse, two things are certain: you’re part of a unique community and your to-do list is ever-growing. What if you could help support our military family — specifically our wounded veterans — simply by doing your grocery shopping?

Through the Believe in Heroes® grocery store campaign, participating is simple — print your brand list, take it with you to a participating retailer, and help raise money for our wounded vets through Wounded Warrior Project®.


Make Your List Meaningful

What sort of things are on the brand list? Items you shop for every week. We’re talking toothpaste, razors, diapers, coffee, cat food and more. You may already use these participating brands, or perhaps you’re ready to try something new.

Through the support of these retailers and brands, the Believe in Heroes® initiative through Wounded Warrior Project® will serve 100,000 warriors, their families, and caregivers through 20+ programs and services by 2017.

Now it’s time to do your part — support the brands that support our heroes.

Why Vets Need Our Help

Perhaps you know a wounded vet. Maybe it’s your spouse, family member, neighbor or a friend. Over 48,000 service members have been physically injured in our recent conflicts, and an estimated 400,000 live with invisible war wounds. Our heroes may return with PTSD, depression, combat-related stress and traumatic brain injuries.

When they get back, life looks a bit different.

What is Believe in Heroes®

Believe in Heroes® is a Wounded Warrior Project® initiative that calls on each of us to recognize these enormous sacrifices made by our newest generation of veterans. Through this campaign, we can honor their service and acknowledge the tremendous impact on their families. Believe in Heroes® gives each of us the opportunity to support our wounded veterans as they adjust to their new normal and achieve new triumphs.

Over the last six years, Believe in Heroes® has evolved to become the largest annual cause marketing campaign in grocery stores today. Through your support, along with the efforts of retailers and brands, Believe in Heroes® has raised more than $22 million for Wounded Warrior Project®.

Shop to Support

Please help wounded veterans and their families, by simply shopping the brands that support our heroes. Here is where to start:

Every bit counts, and we encourage you to help members of our incredible military family. The Believe in Heroes® Campaign runs now through November 24, 2015.


This blog post was sponsored by Wounded Warrior Project® for Believe in Heroes but the opinions are all my own.



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