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How important is your smile? Can it help with job prospects, confidence, and making new friends? You bet! I know that when my mouth feels good, I feel good.

My husband is currently in the Army but will soon be retiring. I have loved our dental coverage and my family has benefited from regular cleanings, x-rays, and much, much more.

Once I realized that we were down to the wire with our time as an “official” active-duty military family, I booked every single dental procedure under the sun. I wanted to schedule my dental work while we still had incredible insurance.

In addition to my regular cleanings and x-rays, I finally had those two pesky wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon, had a childhood filling replaced with a crown, and was fitted for a mouthguard to protect my teeth and dental work at night from clenching and grinding.

My entire dental office knows me on a first-name basis and let me put it this way — if there was a punch card for how many times I have crammed in a dentist appointment prior to my husband retiring from the service, I’d have scored a free service by now!

Imagine my elation when I realized that I didn’t actually have to cram everything in at the last minute! I recently learned that I could still receive dental benefits as a retiring military family.

Starting January 1, 2019, military retirees become eligible for the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) and their dental choices will be even more substantial. FEDVIP has a wide variety of plans from which to choose. Each plan has a different cost and provides different benefits. So you’ll have to do some reading and thinking to find out which plan might be right for you. If your spouse is nearing retirement, then read on — it will give you something to smile about!

It’s a relief to know that my Army brats can continue to receive excellent dental coverage as we transition.

Meet the MetLife FEDVIP Dental Plan – One of the Dental Carriers Under FEDVIP

If your head of household is currently serving in the military but is nearing retirement, you need to know about the benefits provided by the MetLife Federal Dental Plan (FEDVIP):

  • Improved coverage. This program offers perks such as child and adult orthodontia coverage (because… braces), higher annual maximums, and no waiting periods. Even better is that any treatment started with TRDP will be covered by your MetLife plan option including root canals, crowns, bridgework, dentures, and orthodontia services. Talk about convenient!
  • Greater choice of providers. No matter where you settle down, retire to, or move to with the next civilian job opportunity, you’ll enjoy one of the nation’s largest networks with over 393,000 dentist locations. Options are so important.
  • Lower premiums. Coming in 2019, MetLife is proud to announce lower rates to save your military family money. What a great way to kick off retirement or your introduction to the civilian world!
  • Lower out-of-pocket  costs. It is never convenient to get hit with large out-of-pocket costs. Big discounts let you save even more with in-network dentists, you’ll enjoy no out-of-pocket costs for in-network cleanings, x-rays and exams, and you’ll benefit from higher annual and lifetime plan maximums. We have enough surprises in military life — don’t let large out-of-pocket costs be one of them.

Learn More and Keep Smiling

Are you ready to learn more about or sign up for the MetLife FEDVIP program? Open Enrollment is right around the corner. To receive program specifics, dates, and the 2019 plan details, check out this helpful link: http://bit.ly/MilitaryWife101.




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