Does eating twinkies make you a sensitive military wife ?

So it’s no secret , there is a popular FB page that makes light of what is known to be “the stereotypical” military spouse. The page states that in fact they are trying to break this stereotype , you know the one that labels all military wives as fat slobs, women with lots of kids, chicks who carry ACU bags and for some ungodly reason wives who eat twinkies all day (hell twinkies aren’t even good anymore they taste like chemicals). This label also includes wives who are big but who dress in small clothing or wives who are said to be whining or sensitive because they put up what is considered corny phrases such as “proud Army Wife” or list “Mom & Army Wife” under their occupation on their FB pages.

I’m sure a select few will come over here and say that’s not the case but if you find the page trust and believe you will see exactly what I am saying. The question still lies is the page a bit hypocritical considering some of these folks are going out their way to complain about other spouses who aren’t bothering them? Sounds a bit sensitive to me!

Because I am a military spouse blogger for the “common sense challenged” I am going to talk about this , so no whining please!

One last piece of advice…watch the video first before commenting so that you don’t look like a twat wad when you say something that I already addressed in the video.


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below

By the way I don’t do the young immature bating stuff  so if you have a comment leave it below and keep it moving.




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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

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  1. You said it all girl! I also have to say, it is really low of anyone to take pics of someone at the pharmacy/clinic! Those people are either sick, or have been taking care of sick people, and it is pretty low to pick on them, especially knowing they might be sick!

  2. I was actually harassed from this page. One of my former friends from Bragg had been posting my blog address on the site, accusing me of being 19 and giving marriage advice. Comments saying they wanted to punch me in the face, punch me in the ovaries before I reproduced…etc. Some of the people went to my blog and then looked me up on facebook; this was really scary considering the fact that they looked that far into it. I had not seen this girl in over 10 months, (we pcs’d) and she was still infatuated with me. I swear, it’s like these people have nothing better to do than to make our lives miserable just cause we show support for our spouses. Since when has being proud of your husband/wife that is serving, or being patriotic been a bad thing?

    • Wow, you had a stalker. That’s nice. I would think that if they had happy marriages they wouldn’t have to tear yours apart. I guess her husband doesn’t let her sleep in his t shirt ;)

    • I remember this Dana, I dont understand why after 10 months of not seeing or speaking to you she had the nerve to post your blog link and bash you like that, even going so far as to say they wanted to inflict physical harm on you. This page has gone too far. It went from a few hundred wives giving their opinions to thousands of shallow, insecure wives picking at other wives for anything and everything possible. There was no reason for it and I had a great time calling them out on their bullsh*t. There should be a line that people draw from poking a little fun, turning into full blown cyber bullying.

  3. To those of you who get uptight over women who wear the uniform, ask yourself how you are so sure that these wives havent earned the right to wear them? Ever heard of a veteran spouse? Hmmm they do exsit! How do I know, because I am ONE! I was Spc Ellis (USA) married to SGT Ellis (USMC) for 3 years before I ETS’d. If people would mind their own damn business and quit judging the next person Krystel or noone else would have to post vids addressing the issue!

    • Ok if you are a veteran spouse then you would understand that it is not OK to wear the uniform after you have gone out of the standard hight and weight standards, or at least this should have been instilled naturally in basic. You should be ashamed if you put the uniform on and know you are over weight. you should feel like your disgracing the uniform.

      if this was not instilled in you then i can see why you are no longer in. you dont have the pride in the uniform.

      This isn’t some teeshirt. this is something that is earned, and you of all people should know that.

      I am not calling you overweight as i dont see a picture here. I am addressing the general ISSUE here. i have yet to hear anyone complain if a soldier age woman who is physically within military standards is wearing the uniform. the main complaint here is the disgrace being brought on the uniform by being overweight and looking slobbish. so if this doesnt apply to you, then there is no issue.

      You have earned your right to wear the uniform. IF you are RETIRED. if you etsed like you said, you dont have the right. sorry.

      Just going to quote a FEDERAL LAW for you here:
      Federal laws concerning the wear of the United States Military uniforms by people not on active duty are published in the United States Code (USC).

      Specifically, 10 USC, Subtitle A, Part II, Chapter 45, Sections 771 and 772.

      Section 771 states:

      Except as otherwise provided by law, no person except a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, as the case may be, may wear –

      (1) the uniform, or a distinctive part of the uniform, of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps; or

      (2) a uniform any part of which is similar to a distinctive part of the uniform of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps

      Section 772 lists some exceptions:

      (a) A member of the Army National Guard or the Air National Guard may wear the uniform prescribed for the Army National Guard or the Air National Guard, as the case may be.

      (b) A member of the Naval Militia may wear the uniform prescribed for the Naval Militia.

      (c) A retired officer of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps may bear the title and wear the uniform of his retired grade.

      (d) A person who is discharged honorably or under honorable conditions from the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps may wear his uniform while going from the place of discharge to his home, within three months after his discharge.

      (e) A person not on active duty who served honorably in time of war in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps may bear the title, and, when authorized by regulations prescribed by the President, wear the uniform, of the highest grade held by him during that war.

      (f) While portraying a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, an actor in a theatrical or motion-picture production may wear the uniform of that armed force if the portrayal does not tend to discredit that armed force.

      (g) An officer or resident of a veterans’ home administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs may wear such uniform as the Secretary of the military department concerned may prescribe.

      (h) While attending a course of military instruction conducted by the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, a civilian may wear the uniform prescribed by that armed force if the wear of such uniform is specifically authorized under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the military department concerned.

      (i) Under such regulations as the Secretary of the Air Force may prescribe, a citizen of a foreign country who graduates from an Air Force school may wear the appropriate aviation badges of the Air Force.

      • SO can ANYONE point out where it says MILITARY SPOUSE may disgrace the uniform by being 400 pounds and wearing it around town????

      • Then why can anyone, including civilians purchase ACUs? They didn’t “earn” the right to wear them… They just went to the store n bought them.

  4. To Kevin McMains: Dude, really? Too much, just because you are retired you still have to follow your core values. Talking like that to someone is not. I was once Army, my husband is, and my father was, they both have read your comments to some of these women and BOTH agree you need to tone it down. It’s NOT your place, if their husbands won’t say anything it’s not your place to. Especially “maybe in the bedroom for some fun”, totally inappropriate. You are talking about how everybody else is acting take a page dude, because you are acting very disrespectful to some of these females. Act like YOU graduated from basic!

      • ok ok, i get it. I totally agree with you calling a woman a fat slob is not ok, UNLESS she is. and wearing Your husbands uniform with your gut hanging out underneath the shirt IS a FAT SLOB. I call a spade a spade.

        people call me an ahole, and i dont get offended, because I know I am one. I speak only the truth and will not hold back because it offends your inner child.

        Natasha, It is my place to say something and keep the honor in our uniform. You say its the husbands but guess what soldiers today are just as crappy as the women who represent them by wearing the uniform illegally. The soldiers don’t care. they dont respect the uniform themselves. why would they say something to their spouse??

        I am not being disrespectful at all. I am telling you how it is. dont wear the uniform period. it is 1 against title 10. and you just bring disgrace to the uniform proudly earned by others.

        Go look around and tell me how many Marine wives walk around wearing the pt shirt?? i have yet to see one. why because Marines show PRIDE in their service.

        • You can say whatever you want but being retired you should have more respect for people and the Branch you used to serve. My dad is so mad right now that a former soldier would dare speak to ANYONE like that. Honestly you talk about what wives do and how they disrespect the uniform your lack of human respect is disrespectful to your prior service Branch. My dad has been in since WW2 and he has never spoken to anyone like that. I’m prior service and I still wear my dogtags, out of habit mostly. I wish somebody like you would talk to me or anybody I knew like that because we would have words. Maybe those people backed down but one day you will meet someone who’s gonna put you in your place.

          • right……im sure your reading this to your dad?? give me a damn break. you dont even make sense right now.

          • Hello!! Did I ever say I was reading this to my dad? NO. Wow your comprehension is way off. He can read and since this IS a public blog he can come on here and read for himself, which he is doing. Please read the whole post, now who is not making since.

          • Did you seriously just Facebook stalk someone over a post on Army Wife 101? Now who has issues?

          • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh that is poetic justice. That’s not FB stalking, FB stalking would be taking his posts and sending them to every female on his list. I wouldn’t do it… buuuuuut… pointing out that the anon uniform crusader against all things obese is, in fact, Jabba the Hut is funny as hell. Now then.. carry on.

  5. All I’ve read was wha wah wah wah these people are saying mean things about my fat twinkie eating butt wah wah wah wah.

    Seriously people get a frickin grip its FACEBOOOK for gods sake. And to those of you saying shut it down HAHAHAHA ya right, we have the freedom of speech to say what we want on that page!!!!!!

    If you don’t like it then don’t frickin LOOK AT IT!

    it really is that simple…… but no because you all have nothing better to do that whine…. go ahead and go running to tell on people. Seriously grow the heck up.

    Oh and the irony is Kyrstal LMAO you are a steroytypical OSMW Army wife no wonder you are so pissed at the OSMW page

      • Lmao Nah I think I’m plenty grown up Krystal. If you or anyone else doesn’t like the page don’t look at it or comment on the page. Its that simple, and I could care less if you are fat. OSMW come in all shapes and sizes. All you are doing is giving more press to the page you so despise.

        And all of you OSMW commenting on the page you wont change anything.

        • Funny… Seems like anyone who actually watched the video and listened to it would have known that she wasn’t bashing the page… Hmm…. Funny how someone can go all OSMW on you, huh Krystal??? LMAO

    • Wait, who’s the whiner? All the page is is a bunch of whining. And you guys can sit there and bitch and circlejerk all you want, but taking pictures of strangers and posting them on a public site to ridicule them is sad and pathetic. Someone must be seriously lacking in the self esteem and self worth department.

    • Um. Freedom of Speech is not the right to say what ever you want. Freedom of Speech is your right to speak out about the government and not suffer consequences from the government. I really wish people would learn what freedom of speech really is.

      • Actually, I think freedom of speech covers both. It is stated “The right to speak without censorship or restraint by the government. Freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution” Thus allowing people of the United states the ability to speak their mind about anything regardless. Which is why PIPA and SOPA were not able to pass it was a direct infringement on the First Amendment. Just figured that this maybe assist you in learning what free speech is about.

  6. It is a rather immature facebook page, yes. I did not have a problem with it-just ignored it- until they started posting pictures of people without their consent. They had a picture of one of my friend’s children and I found that very offensive. They have freedom of speech backing them up, so they can post vents, whine, etc. And really, they are just making themselves look bad, but they are crossing the line with the pictures. When the page first started, they were primarily attacking “entitled” spouses. The ones who say things like “Well my husband is in the Army, so I deserve this” or “My husband outranks yours so I get this”. But now it seems they are attacking all mil spouses. I am married to a disabled soldier who is in the process of a Med Board. I worked and went to school full time before his injury but lost my job when I asked for time off while he was in the hospital. A “friend” of mine went on the page and posted my picture and a huge vent about how I am lazy and don’t work just because my husband “got blown up”. Most of these wives don’t realize that they would do the same thing if they were in my situation. Who doesn’t take time off to sit by the bedside of their seriously wounded spouse? I would rather be there for my husband during his recovery than hire someone to do it for me.

    • Oh Stephanie, I am so sorry this happened to you. Im disgusted and saddened by your story. Who says something so terrible as “Just because her husband got blown up?” Im thinking these woman have to be lacking something in their lives to feel like dogging another is what pumps them up. Let one of their spouses have an accident and be in the hospital and i doubt they’d be catwalk ready at all times. This might as well be called The adult Mean Girls Club. I seriously have to ask myself: What the HELL is wrong with people? Damn shame.

  7. I wear the pt sweatshirt to walmart on chilly days…. And save the man who tells me I can’t wear…. Honestly how does someone knows who it belongs to??? What do u want me to do walk around with a DD214 to prove it??

    • its a matter of pride and respect. has nothing to do with your dd214 ect. I personally think they should disallow the wearing of uniform off post like it used to be. I am willing to bet the rules will tighten back up again soon. now that we are drawing our forces down and do not need to recruit as many people anymore.

      This was the ONLY reason the uniform was allowed off post. The PT uniform was NEVER allowed off post in fact you were give an art 15 if caught anywhere in PTs…….

      But the standards have changed. I see it in the quality of personnel. and the lack of respect and discipline. I blame the NCOs. They are not doing their jobs.

      • I don’t disagree that pt gear should not be worn off base… But when I choose to show pride in my branch I should not be looked down on because I’m a military spouse and people decide to judge me when they do not know my past.

      • I disagree that the uniform should not be worn off base. We live off base and some mornings get pretty crazy. If I need to stop and grab a water at the convenience store, no one is going to tell me I can’t just because I am in my PT’s. Or if I want to go off base for lunch, it should be no one else’s business. But I am aviation and it is more lax then the rest of the Military. We don’t get all hyped up over stupid stuff.

  8. This is in regards to the thousands of posts Kevin has made. Seeing as many fat, lazy, overweight SERVICE MEMBERS as I have seen in the last few months I think people really need to get off of the whole idea that military spouses are the only overweight and lazy ones. I have met more shit bag soldiers in my short 3 years of being with my husband than I have the entire 7 years I have lived in this area.

    Why is it that the service member is so untouchable? I guess what Im trying to say is I am really getting tired of hearing everyone bash on these wives when the service member they married isnt that great to begin with. If he married a lazy, sloppy woman than what does that say about him? If he stays with her then it obviously doesnt bother him that much does it? So why do other people who arent in their marriage care so much?

    • my postings are not about the marriage at all. i could care less. its about the respect to the UNIFORM, and your right there are a lot of slobs for soldiers too. i know i was over the limits for sure when i got blown up in iraq. i gained 60 pounds from not working out and over eating. but guess what I was forced to wear the uniform as it was part of my job.

      I also am 6 ‘ 4″ and have always been told, you dont look 280 ect. Anyways irrelevant to my reply.

      you asked what does it have to do with those that are in, it has everything to do with the soldier. they need to ensure their wives are NOT wearing their uniforms.

      • also you further prove my point that the standards are just hitting rock bottom by stating “i have met more shitbag soldiers….” exactly. these soldiers are a reflection of the world today. NO STANDARDS.

      • Kevin,
        How are you certain that they are weraing their spouse’s uniform? I still wear my old zip up PT sweatshirt from when I was in the Army and my old PT shirt from basic. Mind you these items are no longer in the Army’s clothing bag, but you can’t be sure without asking that they are and were mine.

  9. I completely agree that the page is stupid. And I think it’s pretty funny that this Kevin McMains person is completely obsessed with you. When I retire I plan on doing so peacefully, maybe get a boat… not argue with Military Spouses for hours on some blog… Good OP, though!!! :)

    • yes I found OSMW through this original posting…..which was linked to by a friend on my facebook.

      I agree with most of the OSMW page.

      I am not obsessed with anyone. I guess your instantaneous opinion of me defines the views correctly about you.

  10. Thank you for this post. You are absolutely right, it is nothing more than bullying. Suicide rates amoung spouses are on the rise, and for good reason. We have endured a decade of war. Those spouses who are on the page saying that spouses should stop whining, stop asking for help, and demanding they act or behave perfect, are nothing more than bullies. Yes, a positive attitude and self-help are always a good thing, but spouses who say that 10 years of war shouldn’t effect the wives are just being martyrs. We have REAL problems in our community…and sweat pants are the least of them. If you REALLY want to make a change, join the many spouses who have worked tirelessly in DC and across the globe to change stereotypes by giving back to their commmunities, helping educate and empower other spouses, and supporting one another. Hiding behind a facebook page or the cell phone camera just makes you a coward. Sorry to be blunt, but this disgusts me.

    • You made a lot of good points and I agree that there are plenty of better ways for these women to spend their time. Instead of wasting time and energy bullying on facebook, they could be doing something productive to assist spouses or soldiers themselves. Unfortunately, I don’t think its the spouses that have endured 10 years of war that are complaining. From my observations, many are spouses of lower enlisted meaning they have limited years of experience in the military lifestyle and likely are unaware of the customs and courtesies. I think the most disgusting part of the facebook groups, are the examples they’re setting for kids. Grown women should have more decency then to waste their time bashing eachother via the internet. Maybe pursuing careers of their own to take less attention of their husbands career would be time well spent.

      • I agree, grown women should know better. I come across “young” wives all the time who truly do not know some of the customs and courtesies. Most of the time, they are grateful for solid advice that helps them navigate this life (10 years or 2 is still stressful), and trying to mentor them is a much better way to go about it than bullying.

  11. the facebook page went from a few hundred wives giving their honest opinions to thousands of wives who now pick on every other military wife for anything and everything.

    Kevin McMains, we get your point. If you are not active duty, then dont wear the uniform. WE GET IT. Thank you for drilling that into our heads with your comments. That being said, you are only touching on ONE of the many ridiculous topics of bullying found on this facebook page. I am a newer army wife but even I know most of the courtesies that goes with this life and that I should put a certain amount of effort in my appearance if I walk out my front door. No i don’t get dolled up to go grab some milk, and I even had an emergency surgery a few months ago and I still made sure I wasn’t wearing PJs out on public…

    I’ve been with my husband for 8 years, YEARS before he ever even considered joining the military, yet I myself have been the center of attack from this facebook page , being calleda “tag chaser”, “overly sensitive” and that I “represent the stereotype flawlessly” all because I stood up for a friend of mine who was truly being bullied and attacked by these women for a blog she created to get herself through her husbands deployment.

    So YES, I think this page takes it too far as far as personally attacking individuals when they don’t even KNOW these people. (myself including)

  12. Last Summer I found a page my daughter had created on FB to discuss certain students in her school. I was devastated to see my daughter as the proverbial mean girl. Regardless of the reasoning, defaming remarks (even funny ones) cause emotional scars that may not be the cause of depression or even suicide but it can certainly be the tipping point. I took my daughter’s FB privileges away as she was not mature enough to handle the social medium. Unfortunately, OSMV and other pages do not have to worry about loosing their privileges. It does not make it right; it only makes it legal.

    • Good job, Monique. I can guess that it was really difficult, but you did the right thing. Hugs to you, and as the parent of grown children, I make you this promise: at some point, they’ll get it. I promise. Keep on keepin’ on.

  13. Krystel, you’re terrific. I love the stance you’ve taken on this. I notice that OSMW isn’t being called to talk on various talk shows, or meet Queen Latifah, or be any sort of expert opinion on any given thing, but you are. That’s because you’re not only realistic, you’re a good, decent person. There’s no call for just plain meanness.

  14. Wow i agree with you.. i think that what they are doing is wrong and the wrong wife is gonna take it in a really bad way. i actually just was going thru the page.. and saw a wife thats husband is in my husbands unit.. and i actually was in shock i dont know what do do.. or how to feel… i mean sometimes i dont want to get dressed up to go to the store. and some days i have no motivation. but my thing is why is it army wives or military wives special i know PLENTY of stay at home moms who do this all the time… i hope that they either stop the picture taking or grow up. i feel like its high school shit and im not in high school

  15. I think both OSMW and the People of the PX page are disrespectful and just show what bored wives with nothing better to do with their life than gossip and cause drama will do. They need to grow up. I am sick of seeing it. Who cares if someones wife is fat, really, do you know their situation, leave them alone. Who cares if someone wears whatever to show their pride, why does it bother anyone. Those wives need to get over it and grow up. I am ashamed that these are the wives of the men my husband serves with and my husband would be so ashamed of me if I ever acted like that towards any wife.

    And the People of the PX page, that is straight up bashing and half of it is on veterans, they are older and they are vets and you are making fun of people who fought battles and lived harder lives than you ever will.

    Bottom line these wives need to get a life if they have nothing better to do in their sorry lives than make fun of other people then they should really take a step back and check their priorities.

    The only time I am not bothered by people saying rude things is when they say it about a wife wearing the uniform or the flag trying to look sexy. Get out of your husbands uniform and don’t disrespect the uniform or the flag.

  16. Ok, I know I’m going to get reamed for this, but I was an active participant of the page until just recently. Honestly, the people make fun of themselves just as much as anyone else. HOWEVER, the page has been going through changes, and it’s become nothing more than a glorified b*tchfest. “Enjoy. Have an opinion.” The admins say, but then if you post something that makes complete sense (although whilst explaining is lengthy) they personally go out of their way to post a word of the day about you (not knowing that the person behind the screen has a disorder). No hard feelings- its just time to leave the page when youre told have an opinion but get scorned for no reason? Now, as far as poking fun at people- we even poke at ourselves. Honestly; if I can’t have some kind of humor to the insanity of my life, I’m going to break. Would I ever include my friends on there? No, I have too few out here (by personal choice due to personal experience with the stereotypical military wife). But there are a couple instances where I have had a good chuckle- we ALL do it. It’s human nature (were not perfect). Do I get crazy out of control? No, was more the idgaf who’s doing what, wearing what, etc (but every once in awhile it was amusing). As far as wives wearing uniforms, etc, I’m sorry but that’s just wrong. Those are not YOURS. Unless you’re out there and contracted with yourspouse, you shouldn’t be wearing his/her gear. I think its a tad disrespectful to the uniform and what it stands for, almost like wearing a flag over your nekkid body. You didn’t sign that contract, how could you associate wearing that shirt, patches, etc as being ok and be comfortable with that consciously? I guess to each his/her own. To me that’s my hubby’s pride, that’s his. It’s his job, and it determines where I live, but never who I am. I am me, I don’t care his rank. I will ALWAYS be an artistic, outside the box, creative, etc person. I am a civilian. Will I respect his upper ranks and present myself appropriately? Absolutely- but that’s how I was raised. To respect my elders- I rarely have an issue and I never call coc for something. That’s what the page was mainly about. The deceit, the Backstabbing a lot of military wives (and you can’t deny it, I’m sorry. I’ve met hundreds of ppl here, and can count on my fingers and toes how many actual ‘friends’ I have that aren’t like that.), etc. However- the wives on osmw are no better. They know it. In the same they’re hypocritical. I will say I learned from that page. But I won’t be going back… Lastly, this is NOT bullying. You have a conscious decision to go on there and read. You know what that content is, why subject yourself? Or, what I used to see is members would give a nasty ‘goodbye hatespeech’. How is all that adult like? That brings you to their level. Why not just hit that ‘unlike’ button and leave silently? When you make a big statement, they all have something to say, they draw you back in on purpose. Bullying is technically inescapable. I’m sorry, but a computer and especially Facebook is escapable. Especialy a certain page. Unless someone has a gun to your head or is standing next to you and actually bullying you, there is always an unlike button, a conscious decision NOT to wander into the devil’s territory, and that lovely blocking feature.

    • i have to say I’ve participated on the page, and even posted a picture… but not of someone wearing pj’s but of someone wearign something very inappropriate for a kids friendly Christmas party…. it wasn’t a large person and no faces were shown at all… but they deleted the pic and said nothing was wrong with the image… i left after that because if i had posted a picture of a large women wearing that outfit or in pj’s they all would have been all for it …. it made me wonder if the picture i took was of one of the admins :) … i just think they only want to make fun of a certain type of person… and anything outside of their guideline is off limits… i thin it would be differant if they really did poke fun at everything… but they dont just at heavier women… or women in Pj’s

      • and i would also like to add if i made it onto a page like that for dressing inappropriately IE you can see my butt when i’m standing upright….. I would look at myself in the picture… and laugh… then not do it again…

  17. And thank you for the post. I did forget to say, my post was long. I like to see where everyone is. I don’t agree with everyone, but we can agree to disagree. And i didn’t always agree with the site, either- but I do understand both sides. I kinda have my own side I guess.

  18. Listen, whether or not you think people should wear PJs to the PX is one thing, but posting pictures of wives on a FB page and calling them dozens of mean names is just sad. Some of them aren’t even poorly dressed, just larger. I just think it’s pretty screwed up that parents are advocating bullying. It’s exactly what is going on. I don’t think women should wear short shorts to the PX, I don’t think they should wear their Husband’s uniform pieces to the PX, I don’t think they should even wear flip-flops to the PX. The difference is I am not going to take a photo, and post it on FB. They post a picture, and all of them deduce who it is, what base and people say THAT’S MY NEIGHBOR and what if their neighbor sees on the creeper FB feed that they posted on this page? There are legitimate things that they shouldn’t wear/do, but it has morphed into a bullying site. It’s sad.

    • Why are you so defensive with my reply to her blog? This might be the reason why things like that exist… And why I had been there for a whole 2 pathetic weeks. Did I ever state that I posted any pictures? No. I don’t even live onbase. Did I say I made fun of fat people? No, I’m fluffy. I’m going to be doing pt with dh now that I have my shoes. Did I say that I got a couple good chuckles? Yes. Did I say that I didn’t agree with everything posted there? Yes. Are you flying off the handle and only reading what you want? Looks like it by your reply :/. Can ya chill out for a second and think rationally here? The constant overreactions like above post is exactly why pages (and not just osmw-there are more linked to their page and I’m sure scattered about) like that exist. You have an opinion. That’s dandy. But…. Why are you so overly passionate to always prove someone wrong and make yourself 100% right? Is there no grey area? Is there no room for a calm debate in which we can share our thoughts back and forth (without getting into a p*ssing match) and possibly- just possibly- collaborate ideas instead of snarky, snide remarks? Now see, it looks like you just got upset because of my views. That’s just a summary of them. You don’t know the who’s, why’s, what’s, when’s, or how’s. It might make more sense if the whole explanation was there… And, tbh the things that always made me laugh were the pointless pictures. As stated earlier- not everything is agreed with on either side I suppose I have a 3rd view on this.

  19. I think anyone who spends their time online ragging on strangers for the way they dress, for their weight or for how much pride said person has in their own spouse is pathetic. I know many army wives marry their husbands straight out of HS, but c’mon now.. grow up a little. And yes I say Army Wives because most the chics on that page are army wives. If your lives are so wonderful, then go live your life, enjoy it and be thankful for your blessings but to claim to have such a great life and then attack strangers online proves to the rest of the world how pathetic and sad your life really is. With that said.. I’m moving on to do something better with my time. Peace.

  20. You guys do know that the OSMW is ran by a military member right? I am pretty sure that tearing down the spouses of your fellow soldiers not only affects morale of the unit but also can cause dissension. I am no scholar, but I can assume that if reported by someone with a name of some notoriety at the station, that the chic who runs the page could very well be facing administrative actions due to her behavior. If I were her, I’d back out now. She also has several pages, and a twitter which follows the same vein as the facebook page. Personally, I think she has a strong jealousy due to her probably having her own husband cheat on her with a military spouse and this is her way of lashing out at all of them. (My theory) But if she were as smart as she claims to be, she would back out of the OSMW pages and focus on keeping her name free of the mouths of all of the women she has offended.

      • Osmw is run by an admin called LB- on a move and just now popped on and then off again (pcs), Kel (Kelseesu), and 6 (Six Jayne)

        • Btw- those listed are the profiles listed as osmw admins and in parenthasis the ones they use when not logged as admin

          • I understand where you are coming from on this but you have to keep in mind that all of those are pseudonyms. How can anyone who doesn’t know her and know she’s a moderator of the page link her to the page, her twitter, the e-mail, etc? I’m pretty sure the only people – if any – who know who she is AND that she is the page’s owner are people she trusts not to give her away. Just saying.

          • I know what they are. I’m actually not that dumb? If they released any real info, don’t you think all the osmw’s that know of the site would be flooding the offices in their locations with calls, emails, letters, with personal b*tchfests of hurt feelings when the easiest thing to do was ignore all that didn’t apply to you, or to make an effort to change a behavioural pattern that you thought worked but in all reality doesnt (after a little lightshed/slap in the face- granted that’s not the BEST way, but it IS a way and the situation desperately needs some durn light)?

    • Fact- OSMW is ran by more than one administrative member. As far as I know for sure, 2/3 are definitely in the military. One just got back from a move I had never seen before so I have no idea who she was. I’m actually intending on making a blog on the subject somehow since I was in it and had a good idea on how this worked and I kind of have a different eye on all this. Ladies, all I’ve got to sum this up with is- yes, its ok to be upset, what they do is not ok a lot of the time. But they are in their dirt little corner of cyberspace “winning” a ticket someplace warm and not here. Also, getting so overly defensive, crazy, and just out of order is exactly why pages like this exist. I know, I have seen it a lot more and more. I can’t go to the grocery store anymore without hearing a military mom yelling at either her husband or kid, etc from a different aisle as we shop. I will say that neither their spectrum, nor the partially described fits what we should be representing our soldiers with. There’s another wifes blog I read that explains that these are the things that make a wife stay at home- there you go, and I pretty much do. I know that not all wives are like this, and I do give everyone a fair shot when meeting new people, but after a certain amount of time and copious efforts to only see good and shake that certain vibe I’m getting, something goes awry and I just say what I need to (or sometimes leave in silence). Im glad that everyone has their opinion. You have every darn right to it, ladies. This is America- not some communist country. This is what our ancestors fought for. This is what our husbands, wives, cousins, sisters, and brothers, etc fight for. They fight for this and so much more and some people obviously, I can see, take that for granted. Don’t ever let someone change it- HOWEVER- some people need that change because their belief is wrong. We get ideas from experiences, whether ours, or a story of someone else (sometimes, depending on how much of a leader/follower we are). Mine based on everything I’ve experienced in life, and my examples my parents. If you can collaborate ideas with the “right” person, maybe you’ll get a better way of life. Negative person+positive person= positive running off on negative. See a guilty by association pattern here? Oh- and to get this straight, I’m not an army wife. I came on here because the discussion was here. I took the time to read/watch everything, gave this woman credit because it was due (and goes along with some of my opinion), and I want people to understand some things, too. Which for everyone to do would be like trying to lead a donkey to water. This is going to be hard, and not everyone will want to see or will see. I’m ok with that. But if a handful do I’ve made a difference. I’m not proud of myself for going to that site… Some of it was funny, and some of it did fit in to my opinion as well, but a lot of it was straight up garbage. And if I’m not allowed to be here because its an ‘Army Exclusive’ page, I apologize. I won’t be coming back. I’ll just work on my upcomming blog. I just had an opinion, too. And I think that both sides are right and wrong at the same time- its just… One is more wrong than the other because they should conduct themselves like the servicemembers they are, and not be so vicious and vile. Then again its own their own site- but… WHAT DOES IT ACCOMPLISH in your life? And the other group has every right to be upset, however some of the things they’re saying are true- the gossip, the backstabbing, etc. Again the question is posed- where is it getting you in your lives, why was it your duty to do this, and what was the ultimate goal? Would either of these individuals want these done to you?

  21. I absolutely LOVE the comment by Erin Whitehead. I agree with EVERYTHING she has said. The Military community would be a WHOLE lot better if there were more ladies that thought like her. Words of Wisdom and It could not have been said better!

  22. I actually posted this on the Overly Sensitive Military Wives (OSMW) Facebook page. I am a former member and had posted a small handful of vents on the page about other wives myself. First and foremost I’d like to say that what most people need to realize is that everyone on the page does not agree with everything that is posted there not even the moderators. They don’t limit freedom of speech on their page just like you, Krystal, stated in your video that you don’t do on your blogs. Yes, they delete comments from people bashing the page but it’s not because the person doesn’t agree with them it’s because people tend to be disrespectful with their comments more often than not. If you have something to say, say it! Just don’t be a hypocrite and get on the page and start bashing people for bashing people. It’s contradictory. Not saying you have done this Krystal that was a general statement to anyone reading this so please don’t take offense. My point is: everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    Let me also say that the video was much better received than anyone (to include myself, I’m not gonna lie) could ever have imagined. This isn’t a group of hateful women and men. Most of the women on there admit to being OSMW themselves. Are there a few bad eggs? Sure. Let’s be for real though this will ALWAYS be the case when you get a large group of people together even in the cyber world.

    I stand by what you said in your video 100% which is why, in the past, I clicked the “unlike” button; I do not agree with taking pictures of other wives at their worst. That’s for the paparazzi and famous people. No one should have to suffer that if they aren’t getting paid some big bucks. Even celebrities don’t deserve to go through it but it comes with the territory and they know it. I digress. Recently the OSMW page has restricted the posting of pictures and only post those where you can’t see the person’s face. Any pictures of someone’s face is that person’s own picture doing their best impression of an OSMW. I still don’t think it’s right because, honestly, that person and anyone who knows them is going to recognize them regardless of whether or not you can see their face. It’s still humiliating for said person and IS a form of cyber bullying. You can sugar coat it all you want but it is what it is. Did I hop on their page and shake my virtual finger at them? No. I just moved merrily along. Simple as that.

    In defense of the page because I do still go on from time to time even though I’m not a “member” (you can see their wall & pictures as well as comment on the page whether you’ve liked it or not) because there is some funny stuff on there and there is nothing posted there that I have not seen/heard someone do/say in real life and I’ve only been a military wife for coming up on 3 years.

    There are a lot of things I’d like to say regarding some other comments on this blog but I’ll refrain from that because – and I’m gonna put this in all caps so everyone who comments reads this regardless of what “side” they take – NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO CHANGE THEIR OPINION ON A MATTER BY YOU SIMPLY ARGUING WITH THEM ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE RUDE AND HATEFUL.

    Ok, I’m done! :)

  23. I honestly cannot stand the OSMW page. If they were only making light of themselves, posting their own pictures, or making fun of the things they post on their FB status/post on a support page then that’s one thing. What happens on that page is another story.
    They constantly say if we don’t get it we’re the OSMW or if we don’t like it or get offended then we can just not visit the page but they have yet to take their own advice. If they don’t like what they see on someones PERSONAL facebook page or a question or comment someone makes on a support page, they can just skip over it & keep it moving. If they see a woman out in public & don’t like her outfit, then they don’t have to buy it or wear it. If they don’t like a woman carrying an ACU purse, then they don’t have to own one. If they don’t like bumper stickers, then don’t put one on your car. But instead of them minding their own business & just keeping it moving, they feel they have every right to bash these people who they probably know nothing about. They feel they have every right to snap a picture of a person who is out minding their own business & living their life and putting it up on a facebook page to be made fun of.
    Just because you think someone fits a “Stereotype” doesn’t mean they do. You might see a wife in her sweat pants one day & laugh at her but the next day she might be dolled up & turning your husbands head, just because you see someone once at a low point doesn’t mean that’s how they are day to day. The “Fat” army wife stereotype is one that really annoys me. I know that it’s pretty true because I can’t drive down a neighborhood on post without seeing at least 2-3 overweight wives but that doesn’t personally affect me. Them being overweight doesn’t affect me, my personal life, my family, or my daily activities. Why does it bother them so much? Why do they have to make fun of overweight wives? Are they that insecure? I like going to the gym but just because I do, doesn’t mean every other wife has too. That doesn’t mean I’m going to laugh at them or snap their picture & put them online. They say they snap these pictures because the wife was carrying an ACU bag, had sweat pants on, or left the house without looking “appropriate” but most of the comments are about her weight & her personal looks.
    Recently a photo of what appeared to be a go-go dancer or possibly a stripper was posted. She was at the mall & there was no clear sign that she was military wife. Her asscheeks were hanging out the bottom of her “attire” yet some of the comments made it seem like that was okay, that it was appropriate, but a wife who wears sweats is deemed inappropriate? Clearly none of the OSMW page fans are at the top of the fashionable list if they think the go-go attire is appropriate, ESP in a public place like a mall.
    It just makes me laugh when people defend this page & say that the people on the page are guilty of being OSMW but with some of the comments they make I highly doubt they would talk about themselves like that.
    The moderators must know something is wrong because they have said the page has gotten away from what it initially started as and they are going to try and get it back on track, later on they had the “make em famous” album out. Which is an album that apparently people post pictures of women & “stories” of what this woman has “done” and people make comments. They bash the girls looks & personal life all the while not even knowing if the “story” is true. Hear say, He-said She-said, & gossip are the biggest reasons we as women don’t always get along. Since moving to a military base I’ve never seen more cattyness or rude behavior from adults. I constantly see questions on Wife Pages about a neighbor doing this or that & should they tell on them. People need to learn to mind their own business. Spreading stories & especially stories that aren’t true can be very damaging to innocent people & families.
    These women also comment on wives going out and spending all their husbands paychecks. How do these women know what these people are doing with the money? Just because someone has a nice purse, nice clothes, or a nice car doesn’t mean they aren’t saving money or that their bills aren’t getting paid. I have nice things because I’ve worked all my life. My bills are also paid in full, on time, & most times they are paid ahead of time. It’s no ones business what someone does with their money. These women need to stop counting other people’s money & worry about themselves.
    If the “fans” of this page have such an issue with other women & what they do, don’t do, say, or don’t say then they should probably take a look in the mirror. Why does it matter what someone else is wearing? Why does it matter that someone is out spending money? Why does it matter what other people are doing period? Especially if it doesn’t affect you & your family.
    Don’t get me wrong, I understand some of the things they talk about- the wives who wear their husbands rank, Yeah I don’t like them either. But I’m not going to waste my time speaking about them because they honestly don’t matter in my life. I’m not an overly sensitive wife because I don’t care what people say, I know who I am, and other peoples opinions mean less than crap to me but I do feel for the people being put on a site when they have no knowledge of it. I also feel bad for wives who think some of these people are their friends & have them on their FB page only to have their page stalked & their lives made fun of. How sad are you if you have to stalk someone’s personal FB page and then go make fun of them?
    Some of these people must really have no lives if they have all this time to sit around and bully others, and as much as they say that isn’t what they are doing, deep down they all have to know how bad their behavior is. Deep down they know exactly how wrong it is or they wouldn’t have to keep defending their page. If this is how they deal with stress, by bringing others down & making fun of other people, then the problem isn’t the people they make fun of, it’s them. Find a more constructive way to go about handling your stress & your need to “Vent”.

  24. I don’t live on base, I don’t communicate with other women on base nor do I want to. I live a solitary life with my husband and that is the way I prefer it. I am the most unmotivated woman there is about my husband’s job because we both hate it and regret every wasted minute of being apart of this what many would call “family” but what I call a living hell from day one (definitely not a fulfilling life for any married person). Now because of that, I used to be confused about women being so motivational and I would cringe at all the proud wife stickers whenever I went on base. However, I have never posted or even cared enough to post such awful things about other people on a public page. If it wasn’t for the fact of people actually snapping pictures of others at the PX I would have ignored the whole situation but really people? Freedom of speech is one thing but taking pictures of people in sweat pants is overreaching considering I can go to any Walmart across America and find the same thing. It’s not just military spouses it’s anyone and everyone. There are rank wearers in possibly every work field (Go to the courthouse and meet all the sheriff/policemen/etc wives that work there who think they are too good for you). My point is, targeting one group of people is unfair, there are lazy, stay at home, overly sensitive, money hungry, pregnant, overweight, rank wearing people everywhere. I guarantee this is going to cause many folks not to want to go anywhere now because they are afraid their pictures may be taken. If you have a problem with someone, keep it to yourself, don’t flaunt it around and make yourself look not only like an idiot but a bully as well.

  25. I don’t understand their logic of don’t look if you don’t like if these people cannot not look when someone looks like crap at the px. I also don’t get why the admin Kel took down one of her pin up pictures when someone called her out of having no butt. I also think the admin Six Jane’s name is Ashley because her fb address is Asshley. Furthermore, you can purchase bdus at a thrift store and uniforms are worn by countless hs kids in Amurica.

    • I was excited to have some lead as to who she was but once I looked her facebook name is actually asshle6 so I’m guessing her name isn’t really Ashley.

  26. All I know is I had heard of the page I visited it the first time it wasn’t so mean the second time they talked about a woman deserving to be raped let me just say no one deserves that it messes with who you are the third time I visited they planned attacks against other pages ill admit I have my days but I don’t bitch the whole deployment my every status isn’t about missing him I do but everyone knew that but when we had a house fire my closest male role model in my life and my cousin with downs in jeopardy you better believe I was sensitive with him being gone if someone would have picked on me with my knowledge stuff would have happened i try to be nice but kicking anyone when they’re down I draw my line I’m not a typical woman my sister and I beat the Crap out of each other since we were 8 and 9 and cops called on us broken bones the works effed with me your ass would be on the burner I looked depressed as shit for a while not knowing what to do you are right about being careful who you mess with poke your fun but once you take a picture oh you could be in for it I don’t care who you are of what you do I am the person who has seen what judgement does to people I just don’t think you realize how judgement makes you look to the rest of the world

  27. I believe ppl that make it a point in the lives to bash others no matter what their reason maybe, are lacking something in the life. Maybe its love, compassion, or just respect we all do have our on opinions about everything. Agree with many of the comments made and as disagree with many who cares about women for have extra weight on the or who wear clothes that are not fitting for them they have to live with it. Why do other spouses have so much hate toward others. I really hate that wives of military men cannot get along we share something a spouse that risks their life for others that should be enough who cares his rank u don’t wear it. Respect is the key word here if u don’t have it for others they will not have it for u. I am a military spouse and until today I had never heard of this page we r talking about and I will move on from here knowing that I don’t care what ppl think of me I am a Proud Military Wife and I respect the fact that not everyone is going to like me or support my husband that what I’m here for. God Bless

  28. I’ve been to this page before and it is the cattiest, most pathetic group. I roll my eyes at military wife stereotypes when I see them but the OSMW page is just a bunch of mean girls with nothing to do besides bully women they don’t know. Posting pictures of overweight women and calling them “dependapotamus,” etc, like they have any clue who that woman is or what she’s going through. The irony (that is lost on them) is that one of the biggest milwife stereotypes is that military wives are nosy, bitchy drama queens, and that’s EXACTLY what they are. One of my facebook friends is an active member of the page and she’s the biggest tag-chaser I’ve ever known in my life. It’s nothing more than a haven for angry, bored little girls to bully people behind the safety of their computer screen, period.

  29. I enjoy watching the hypocrisy on the page. It’s like sitting back and watching all the stupid wives I couldn’t stand when my husband was in doing the same shit because misery loves company. I didn’t like them when I lived on post and I continue laughing at them now far removed from it all. Let them be catty mean girls… anyone with a lick of common sense knows how their story ends… often with the clap. lol

  30. The only thing I dont like about the page is when they also make fun of kids, my son is two and loves trying on Dad’s cover or trying to walk in his boots. I think its low to call a kid a dependatot. Is it really so wrong that kids look up to their parents? Well I take that back, there are two things I dont agree with. The stories and photos of people who are “cheaters” or “tag-chasers” is something that is unreal. I just don’t think it is right to throw someone’s face out there like that when there are two sides of the story and it’s not right to blast someones privacy when you don’t even know the whole story. I guess thats just my two cents.

  31. Oh goodness…I’ve passed by some of these sites/pages time to time…mostly in disbelieve and in the interest of rubber necking (yeah, I’m human too). They are against everything I stand for in trying to support and help other military wives. Karma is a terrible thing, and I truly believe in what comes around goes around and the value of paying it forward. I also believe in Christian values and don’t believe in stepping on the backs of others, pushing them down, in order to make myself stand above everyone else. It’s a crying shame, that’s what it is…maybe I’m getting way too old…..

  32. I don’t know if this was said already in some of the whining going on before I posted, but i see all areas of points with this OSMW site. I personally think most of it is effing hilarious and I do look at it nearly everyday for a laugh. Occasionally I do find a conversation that I would like to add my two cents into, and usually that is on statuses of people who come to the site just to bash it. Yeah, we do complain about things we cannot change, about how some people use their husbands rank to show how important they are but we also build a camaraderie that all military spouses should have. Most of the people on the site are very well aware of what they are saying, and how it might affect others. The very thing we do there has been done in this forum. Someone got all butt-hurt about your opinion and you then made a reply comment about their spelling and how they need to grow up. We ALL do this. Some people just get more offended than most people would. Just last week a woman joined the private group and attacked the people in there saying the site was bullshit and we were all basically stupid for being a part of it. The sister-page was private, she had to go out of her way to get accepted to join us just to be quite rude, and when we didn’t bite at her “bait” she got upset that our insults weren’t good enough. We also support our military men and women to the best of our ability and we do not step on or take their honor. It is theirs now ours, we are just lucky enough to stand by these men and women, how we show our support is private and doesn’t take away from the military member. My job is in no way difficult in the grand scheme of things and I refuse to let anyone think that me being a spouse is more difficult than what my husband does in the military.
    That ALLLLL being said, I appreciate your opinion, I was not offended at all by anything you had to say, in fact you made me giggle a little because of how well you put it all together. You got your opinion out there without being mean. While I cannot speak for all of my cronies on OSMW, I do know that I appreciate your tact.

  33. Actually there is more than ONE group based on Overly Sensitive Military Wives. There is this one, OS Tinker Wives, Against the Against the Overly Sensitive Military Wives and their newest one OSMW Backdoor. Their backdoor room takes it even farther to the biggest extreme. The creator of the page who goes by 6 is stationed here at Fort Riley and is apparently (though I do not know this for a fact) CID. That is what others who are in the room have told me. The sad thing is that half the members are themselves military spouses while the other half is active/retired/reserve. What the creator of the page along with the members of the page don’t realize is that when they go to a group or page they’ve like, take screenshots or cope/paste it to their group they are actually committing a crime because it isn’t their intellectual material. Furthermore what they don’t realize is taken pictures of people who are out in public is actually a crime that you can not only have the person arrested for but sue them as well. If you want to, look it up. A mother sued her son and won because he took a picture of her that he posted to Facebook without getting her I permission. I know they are not getting the permission of the people they bash to take the material off their page to post on the OSMW sites let alone their pictures. As I’ve seen 6 as well as her members think its funny if they get banned from Facebook for a little while because they all have other profiles they use. If Facebook deletes the page, a new one just takes its place. Now I’ve been in both the main group and the Backdoor group. I was banned and permanently blocked. If you stand up for yourself, boom your banned. I’m not saying this about the group because I was banned but due to the fact I don’t see how any of the members have any right to judge when they spend so much of their time on Facebook on the group site. Its gone so far as to set up a fake Craig’s List ad along with a telephone number that 6 will answer and post responses to. Half these woman have children yet spend their days bullying adults. I think all the OSMW pages need to be shut down as well as their creator punished for how she operates the page considering how she is representing herself as a soldier in the United States Army as well as being CID.

    • Waaaaaaah! It’s funny, calm down! I see why you are not in the military, learn to laugh at yourself and not be ” overly sensitive!”



  35. I think you are right army wife 101. I have started making sure that i dont go anywhere on post in sweats or not looking my best because i really dont want my pic posted. i think its sad that people go around taking pic because they have nothing better to do. That girl who is in her sweat pants at the commissary could be the one who was up all night sick and needs to go get food for dinner she could also be the one who was up all night with a new born and dosnt have the time or energy to do her hair and makeup just to go get some diapers. Also there have been a few post on that page about spouses using military discounts… I dont see the problem in this if a store offers it why not use it if . Not going to pay more than i have too

  36. Can I just say that if a woman is big enough to wear her husband’s or pretty much any man’s clothing it is pretty pathetic and maybe time to hit the gym. My husband’s t-shirts go below my knees and there is no way I would ever wear his clothing in public just like he doesn’t wear mine. My dad is a nurse and my mom has never worn his scrubs in public even though she loves him and supports him! I just thing it is a weird trend that people in the younger generation have for getting attention. Maybe their parents didn’t give them enough attention when they were younger, but seriously it should be a huge reality check if you can actually wear your husband’s clothing!

  37. I just heard about this page. You guys are proving the point. Just laugh it off! Don’t let them prove their point!

  38. Wow, I have never herad of this page. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Taking pictures of someone to post on a public forum for bashing is shameful. Hopefully your video will shed light on the situation. Thanks for posting.

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  40. I don’t agree with taking photos of unsuspecting people, that’s just childish. The page itself is extremely childish. Is there truth to the drama? Yes. JUST MY OPINION: When a girl leaves her home at 18 to become someone’s wife she IS NOT prepared for the reality of life in general and military life for that matter. That is the issue here. From what I observed living in military housing, if a woman had adequate life skills – ie – conflict resolution, just being a grown up in general.. she would not resort to calling the Dept of Children and Families on her neighbor because she is angry over a parking space. When you can’t just be neighborly and wave hello – you have to be able to walk in your neighbor’s back door without knocking, in order to have self-esteem – you do not have any life skills. Any time I tried to create boundaries to achieve some level of privacy – people would think I was mad at them. They break off in to clicks, sit around talking about another click.. it was absolutely ridiculous. I’m so glad it is over with, military wives are not the same anymore. I miss the old school military spouse way – just not believing you’re entitled to everything and shouldn’t have to pay for anything. It’s nonsense. I also work for a Tricare contractor ;) – now that my husband and I are out in the real world and pay $3000 a year JUST to HAVE health insurance (that does not include copays), I REALLY miss Tricare :..( My husband was inpatient recently and our copay for his stay is $750 :) Even if you use Tricare standard the MOST you would ever pay in one year is $1000 – copays and all. So that really irks me when people complain about Tricare. Pay $138 out of each paycheck, then pay $125 for the ER, $25 for specialist, $150 per day per admission – OH and by the way – you must hit $5000 in copays before coverage is 100% : ) and then come talk to me :o)

  41. That page is beyond disgusting. Six who claims she is a service member needs to be kicked out. What’s even worse is some of her admins are officer spouses one being a wife to a high commanding officer station in Bahrain. It’s childish and DOD needs to get involved and find out who this real Six person is.

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