You know in the midst of all the chaoticness (is that a word lol) of our lives here at home the kids, work, me trying to get my career off the ground and also working my regular job from home I sometimes loose track of all the things that me and hubby will miss out on during this upcoming deployment.

Before he left to go to Iraq in 2007 we had just PCS’ed he was working late , and I would usually be exhausted when he came home , which in the end put a halt in spending time together. When he finally deployed I held alot of regret that I didn’t try hard enough to squeeze time in even if it meant taking some time away from something else that was important.

So even though hubby just got in from work I handed him his dinner plate put the kids in the other room and me and him just hung out in the adult room.

(The adult room is where I have that special sofa that the kids cant even breathe on or look at LOL).

Hanging out in the Adults Only room isn’t much but it gives us time to just blab and talk something couples so often forget to do and it also gives me a chance to know that he is relaxing. Seeing him just lounging brings me joy especially since I know that shortly he wont get this luxury.

So ladies remember to take time with the hubbies and definitley remember that it doesn’t have to be anything major just time in the adult room is fine lol.

Above is my hubby relaxing … Yeah Yeah I had to snap a pic hehe :)



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