Do you know an active-duty military or veteran family who could use a little support this Thanksgiving? How about to the tune of a $150 giftcard to purchase their holiday dinner? The generous team at Veterans Rideshare has an exclusive giveaway for Army Wife 101 readers, and wants to give back to our community and support TEN special military/veteran families this Thanksgiving!  

Veterans Rideshare has worked with Army Wife 101 over the last year, generously supporting active-duty military and veteran families. To read more about what they have done for our readers, please see Veterans Rideshare Makes Dreams Come True for Military Families.

$150 Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway

Veterans Rideshare is accepting nominations of TEN deserving military/veteran families. They will provide a $150 gift card to each selected winner to cover the cost of their Thanksgiving dinner.  

Chris Pozek, veteran and president of Veterans Rideshare, was inspired to offer this generous gift. He shares, “We know that there’s a lot of people who don’t know how to find or get help, and it’s our mission to handle and take care of our service members. We like to make their lives better, just out of the blue. When it gets down to it, our culture understands. The harder we work at Veterans Rideshare, the more opportunities we have to give back.”

Nominate a military/veteran family today who could use some support this Thanksgiving, courtesy of Veterans Rideshare.

Nominate A Military/Veteran Family

Do you know a military or veteran family who has had a difficult time? Veterans Rideshare wants to hear their story! Here’s how to nominate a special military or veteran family for the $150 Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway:

  • Send your nomination of a deserving family by simply filling out this easy form, located HERE.
  • Deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m. UTC, Sunday, November 18, 2018.
  • Please include the family’s name, branch of service, and a brief synopsis of why the family should win the Thanksgiving Dinner giveaway.
  • Please provide a contact email and phone number for the nominated family, so we can notify them if they win. Winners will be contacted immediately.

About Veterans Rideshare

The mission of Veterans Rideshare is to provide dependably safe and flexible transportation solutions that directly benefit our nation’s former military personnel and other worthwhile charitable organizations. Through unique employment and work opportunities, we will provide Veterans a chance to earn more money and control their own futures. Our specialized transportation options allow each rider more flexibility than other transportation services. Since passengers’ needs change depending on the situation, we offer a wide array of services allowing members a substantial savings. We provide a singular company to build a relationship with, instead of multiple providers to meet every need. To learn more, please click here.




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