Yesterday’s question of the day on the Army Wife 101 FB Fan Page about Family Readiness Groups otherwise known as FRG’s drew many responses. The majority of responses stated that they felt the FRG’s were “cliquish”. While this may be true in some cases , it is important that the FRG provides vital information that can be of great use to you. I explain my experience with the FRG in the video below.

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  2. The FRG is a good source of info and sometimes support. If you don’t want to get involved in the drama, the don’t. I support my FRG through time and donations. I will happily help any member of the unit or family. I will not, however deal, with the gossip, snubbing and other things that can go on. I simply choose not to participate in FRG events that are geared toward that kinda situation. If they don’t want to be friendly toward you, include you socially, or heck, even just being polite to you, you don’t need them or their drama. The stress of being an Army wife is hard enough.

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