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We partnered with Sway Group on behalf of Trees For Troops to bring you this post.

The holidays are right around the corner and we’ve partnered with the lovely team at Trees for Troops to share exciting news with military families who are looking for a FREE, real Christmas tree this year! Sounds too good to be true? Believe me, it isn’t –  read on to learn more.

As military families, we have the opportunity to make the holidays special no matter where we are stationed.

Taking Traditions with You

Our military family spent three magical years stationed in Germany. Fortunately for us, Germany takes Christmas quite seriously. From advent calendars to Christmas Markets, and from seasonal treats to real trees, the Germans know how to celebrate Christmas. Although we were isolated from extended family in the States, my husband and I established new holiday traditions for our young family, incorporating some of the old (our American family favorites) with the new (charming German additions).

Depending on where you’re stationed, celebrating Christmas in a way that you know and love can be a challenge. Even if you are able to soak up the traditions of your new “home away from home,” sometimes you want a taste of the familiar, and that’s where Trees for Troops comes in.

So what is it that makes your military family’s Christmas special? What traditions do you take with you from base to base? Is it a favorite family recipe, a favorite music album, or the excitement of having a fresh-cut real tree in your living room?

 Celebrate with a Real Christmas Tree

Did you know there are several benefits to real Christmas trees? Here are reasons why you should “Keep it Real” this holiday season:


  • Real trees are environmentally friendly. Real trees are biodegradable, can be recycled or used for mulch, and for every real Christmas tree harvested, a new one is planted in its place. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, studies have shown that artificial trees have three times the amount of impact on climate change and resource depletion when compared to a real tree.


  • Real trees support U.S. Agriculture. Each hand-harvested real Christmas tree sold in the U.S. was naturally grown in North America. Supporting real trees means that you are supporting our farmers.


  • Real trees add to holiday magic. Searching for a real tree is part of a holiday tradition for your friends, children and family. Decorating a real tree with its beautiful fresh scent, easily accentuates your holidays and adds to the magic.

Trees for Troops Supports Military Families

Trees for Troops is a program that provides free, farm-grown Christmas trees to members of all branches of the United States military and their families. Since 2005, they have donated 191,000 real trees with the support of FedEx. This year, Trees for Troops has a goal of donating over 17,000 real Christmas trees to military and their families, which will surpass the 200,000th  tree delivered.

Want to know when Trees for Troops is visiting your base? Click here for the 2017 Christmas tree delivery schedule.

Want to get involved with Trees for Troops and support military families? The program is a success thanks to donations and continued support. To make a donation, please click here.

Little else competes with the excitement of bringing home the perfect tree. Just its aroma can trigger years of holiday nostalgia, and seeing your one-of-a-kind real tree adorned in lights, sentimental ornaments and surrounded by gifts wrapped in colorful paper, is the perfect way to make your days merry and bright. This year, consider participating in and supporting Trees for Troops as they bring Christmas magic to military families.

About Trees for Troops

Trees for Troops is a program of the Christmas Spirit Foundation, whose mission is to advance the Christmas Spirit for kids, families and the environment through programs and activities. Trees for Troops was recently honored at the U.S. Pentagon as a recipient of the 2017 Spirit of Hope Award. This award recognizes current and former military members, civilians, and organizations that epitomize values of patriotism, loyalty, freedom and dedication to the United States.

We partnered with Sway Group on behalf of Trees For Troops to bring you this post.






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1 Comment on Trees for Troops: Sharing Holiday Magic With Military Families

  1. This is so wonderful that they have this, My heart goes out to those who are going to be going through this holiday season and having that family member or friend not stand beside them. I hope more people out there realize how much these men and women have given to us. I also Thank and is so humbled to all the husbands and wives out there . I can say so much. hugs and prayers.. and to all the children of these Heros ‘ wow!! I hope you all get that perfect tree .. hugs…
    Dorothy Boucher

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