Although the holiday season inspires festive feelings, holiday travel can quickly drain the merriest of us. From crowded airports, to interstates resembling parking lots, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress and exhaustion of it all. Your best strategy is preparation! Here are holiday travel tips to help you survive the journey so that you can enjoy your destination.



Airline Travel

You may already be familiar with advice such as checking in from home, remembering all important documents and identification, and arriving early. Here are a few bonus tips:

  • Send gifts in advance. If you are bringing gifts, consider mailing them in advance. Nothing would be worse than having your presents lost with your luggage.
  • Wisely use your carry-ons. If you are checking bags, bring an extra outfit, toothbrush, medications, etc. in your carry-on for all passengers. Better yet, pack everything you need with you and check nothing. (Yes, kids can carry backpacks too!) This will save you time waiting at baggage claim and prevent the stress of lost luggage.
  • Pack a water bottle. Once you have passed through security, you can fill reusable water bottles for the members in your party.
  • Prepare for popping ears. Changes in altitude can be uncomfortable for everyone. Chewing and swallowing can alleviate this, so items such as gum, beverages, lollipops and baby bottles can help on takeoff and landing.
  • Bring snacks/activities. Although there may be food service and in-flight entertainment, bring snacks (avoid too much sugar), and quiet activities for children to keep them occupied and pacified. Packing child-friendly headphones is a more comfortable option than earbuds for little ones.
  • Plan for the worst. Things will happen. Someone will cry, something might get spilled, someone may get sick. Items like wet wipes, napkins, Tide pens and a sense of humor go a long way.


Car Travel

Preparing yourself for the long haul? In addition to trip-checking your car and bringing your favorite holiday music and movies, here are some bonus tips:

  • Plan an alternate route. Most of us rely on GPS, but what happens when traffic comes to a dead stop? Maps. Go old school and break out of that jam.
  • Multi-task your stops. Make it a goal to hit at least two of these items at each stop: food, bathroom and fuel. If traveling with children, slip-on shoes can save your sanity.
  • In-car entertainment. Don’t forget headphones. It’s perfect for streaming music from your phone, movies from the TV and when kids are on devices. It will also save your sanity to not her kid’s entertainment on loop.
  • Bring food. Snacks help pass the time away, but avoid excess sugar like candy. Bring a loaf of bread, peanut butter, jelly, knives (don’t forget), fruit, veggies, pretzels and refillable water bottles. Save money and skip the greasy fast food.
  • Plan for the worst. Things like spills, car sickness and tantrums may happen. Bring paper towels, napkins, wet wipes, a Tide pen, and maybe a bag. A sense of humor and deep breaths can help as well.


Treat Yourself to a Good Night’s Sleep

Congratulations! You survived the traffic jam, the delayed flight, the constant “are we there yet” and the mid-flight meltdown…from the grown man behind you! You deserve a great place to rest your head and put your feet up that also offers a military discount. That’s right — military discount!

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About Red Lion Hotels Corporation

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Red Lion Hotels Corporation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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