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As I mentioned in the post just below this last night someone formerly from the production team of E! Investigates left a comment in regards to our responses to the show. One of the things they mentioned was how hard it can be to get approval to speak to someone active duty or those who are active duty dependents , from the public affairs office onpost.

In talking to another wife here on Schofield we started talking about a show that appeared on MTV’s True Life series entitled True Life: I have a husband in Iraq. I had seen it when it first premiered but at the time was not living here in Hawaii. Of course I had to go and rewatch it just so I could identify all the places she went.

One of the wives they followed actually LIVED ONPOST and was filmed right here at good ole Schofield Barracks. This included everything from her house to the pool on base. Needless to say I liked this one alittle better , although that particular wife here in Hawaii totally lived up to the sterotypical partying wife while her husband was deployed that so many tend to think about us. Of course because I usually need to clarify myself, I know the majority of us are not like that. If you want to watch this take a look below and feel free to share your thoughts.




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7 Comments on True Life: I Have a Husband in Iraq

  1. I am actually starting to work on putting together a documentary. It will have a few different wives that are the main part and then a few that just add in their own little bits. I am really hoping that I can get it together and put out there. There are so many things that we go through on a day to day basis that people have no idea about. Its not even the deployments and things like that but right down to the fact that my husband leaves the house everyday long before the sun comes up and I am lucky if hes home before the sun goes down at night. THOSE are the kinds of things I want people to see. I am very excited :)

  2. Thank you for putting this up!..i could relate to the 1st wife a lot..just got married and he deployed with the army in sept. :)

  3. This is so much better! Thank you for posting this! The only thing I don’t like it the one wife that parties, but anyway. I can also relate to the first wife in a away we got married in August and he deployed less than 6 months later. I would like to see more of what our children go through. My daughter was 2 when we got married and never knew her real dad. When we got married she started calling him Daddy and they had a great bond. The day it came to him leaving she didn’t understand he would be gone a long time. It got harder everyday for her. She wouldn’t go to sleep unless she cried herself to sleep calling for Daddy. It was so heart breaking that I couldn’t handle it. I tried everything I could think of. My husband and I made a build a bear with the uniform and everything. Still didnt work. I finally got a Daddy doll put his picture of him in it STILL DIDN’T HELP! Then he came up with the idea of making dog tags for her so she can feel he is there next to her heart. Still didn’t work. This was everyday life with a child that is older but not old enough to understand that Daddy will be gone for a year.

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