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When I was a kid, summer vacation meant that my parents compared travel brochures, made phone calls to resorts and attractions, and booked a destination without seeing it, or reading reviews. Once we got on the road, my parents navigated with maps, hoped that there would be an upcoming restaurant with a playground, and selected our night’s lodging based solely on billboards advertising low prices with a pool. My brother and I read, listened to music, slept, played the alphabet game and kept track of which license plates we saw, hoping to get all 50 states checked off our list. We didn’t have a phone, and in case of a vehicle emergency, would hope that there were some kind passers-by, or we’d have to hike with a handful of quarters to a pay phone.

I guess by today’s standards, our vacations back then would be considered “roughing it!”

Today’s Travel Tricks

Now that I’m a mom, technology and travel have advanced immensely. Having reliable technology and data has been a game changer for these reasons:


  • Mealtime. I can look ahead to see which of our favorite restaurants are coming up and know exactly which exit to pull off on for our family’s favorite food and for the opportunity for the kids to stretch their legs and play.
  • Sleep time. I can compare hotel rates for the night, read reviews, find those that offer our perfect amenities with a military discount, and know exactly how much longer we’ll be on the road and when and where we’ll stop for the night.
  • Roadside emergency. In case of roadside emergency, we have reliable phone service to make a call to our insurance company, receive a tow, or look up a reputable garage online nearby.
  • Entertainment. My kids are entertained with phones, tablets and hotspots, and I don’t have to repeatedly answer the infamous question of “Are we there yet?” They can read, have stories read to them, enjoy apps and even enjoy their favorite shows and movies.
  • My profession. I can continue to take my work with me, not missing new clients or deadlines, or set up an out-of-office message.
  • Travel communications. We can stay connected with family and let the grandparents know that we’re on the road and when we’ll be arriving, so they can get ready to give some big hugs.
  • Social shares. It’s fun to include others and share our adventures on social media through photos and stories with those back home or friends now stationed at other bases around the world.

Military Family Bonus Perks

In addition to all the reasons listed above that reliable phone service is a MUST with today’s travel, there is a service provider who offers all of this plus so much more, and exclusively for military families!

Would you and your military family enjoy:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data. All on America’s Fastest Network.
  • Unlimited in Mexico & Canada. Talk, text, and up to 5GB of 4G LTE data.
  • In-flight texting +1 hour of data. On all Gogo®-enabled flights to, from, or within the U.S.
  • Mobile hotspot data included. Keep all your devices connected at max 3G speeds.
  • Stream unlimited entertainment. Video at DVD quality, 480p.
  • Taxes & fees included. No surprise fees on your monthly plan bill.
  • Texting & data abroad. Stay close to loved ones while traveling in 140+ countries and destinations.
  • Netflix on us. Standard 2-screen subscription for almost any device, even TV.

You’re probably thinking, “Yes! We would LOVE all of that! But it probably costs an arm and a leg and is not in our budget.” Great news — it is affordable and comes standard with T-Mobile ONE Military plan!

The Military Loves To Plan So Here’s The Plan For You

T-Mobile ONE Military is the biggest military discount in wireless. On average, a family of four can save $665 compared to AT&T and $764 compared to Verizon per year with their military discounts.

T-Mobile ONE Military offers 20% off the first line and half off up to five additional voice lines. The first line is $55 with AutoPay – normally $70. And it’s half off after that, up to six lines – just $25 for the second line and $10 per line for the third through sixth lines with AutoPay.

T-Mobile ONE Military is available at T-Mobile stores nationwide – and on bases – for military and their families, including active duty military, Reserve, National Guard, veterans, and Gold Star families, plus the small businesses they own with up to 12 voice lines.

T-Mobile also on occasion will sometimes offer on other devices for military personnel.

To get started today so that you have extra money for summer vacation, and a better plan to facilitate your family’s summer and beyond, click here to sign on with T-Mobile ONE Military. The sooner you sign, the faster you’ll save!



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