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Life With Krystel: I Went To Applebee’s and Realized I’m Old!

I decided to come to my home of Long Island, New York for a few weeks because I hadn’t seen my family in quite some time. I come from a family of lots of cousins and I am the 3rd oldest of 20+ immediate cousins. I have babysat the majority of my family members ,so… Read more »

How My Weight Affected My Life As A Military Wife…True Story

I promise you Army Wife 101 is not turning into a diet blog. But  I have talked about my weight so much because it did affect me as a military wife. Let me be clear I am not being dramatic and speaking of being made fun of by stupid people online who make assumptions that… Read more »

Life With Krystel: I Dressed Red White and Blue Plus My Family of 4 Eats For Under $25 Unlimitedly!

This weekend was a lazy one for the most part. I had every intention of taking the kids to the movies but after I spent money on groceries and taking them out to eat plus shopping for their Summer clothes , I was not going to spend another $11 bucks per person for the movies!… Read more »

Fat Girl Problems: This Is Exactly Why I Don’t Bother To Eat Healthy Like I Should

I get it , eating healthy is the one thing that is gonna help me to live a long healthy life blah blah blah. Of course I want to be here for my kids and that is why I been attempting the whole in depth health thing. I’ve looked up healthy food ideas, debated on… Read more »

I Was On TV Again Today: Krystel on the HLN Channel’s “Raising America” Discussing Moms Fascination with the Jodi Arias Trial

I tried to limit how much I Facebooked and tweeted about the Jodi Arias trial but the truth is that I am so hooked. The trial ended last Friday and I have been sitting in my house on verdict watch making sure all my chores and errands are done before 12pm PST so that I… Read more »

No Spaghetti Strap Dresses Allowed…Ugh The Freaking Agony!

A few weeks ago my fourteen year approached me with the words that I figured I still had time before I heard them” Mom we have a dance coming up at school…can I go”? My baby is a good student and a good kid and very rarely asks to go anywhere so of course I… Read more »

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