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The Milspouse Guide to Sexting

Military couples aren’t always under the same roof, in the same time zone or on the same continent. It is almost guaranteed that at some point, you and your significant other will endure a period of separation thanks to moving,…

2016 Military Holiday Gift Guide

It’s almost that time of year. Christmas is almost here! And while Thanksgiving just passed, you’’ll have to start your shopping fast You’re already going to spend money  and thats a fact, so why not buy gifts from Milspouse, Vets…

How to Handle 10 Awkward Deployment Questions

Hmm…did I hear that correctly? Did he/she actually just ask me that? There are times when individuals want to know more about our “glamorous” military lifestyle. Whether they mean well (or not), sometimes their phrasing comes off as…less than eloquent….