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Galentine’s Day For Military Spouses

Fun fact: I met one of my closest girlfriends on Valentine’s Day. A mutual friend had connected us, suggesting we’d be a good match. After a somewhat awkward text exchange, Shermeen and I concluded that, being busy single ladies, Valentine’s…

survived affair

Milspouse Confessions: Our Marriage Survived an Affair

Although fairy tales often end with a wedding and a “happily ever after,” in reality, marriage is just the beginning. A marriage marks new responsibilities, choices, and acts of love that aren’t always romantic. Marriage can be both wonderful and…


Yes I Asked About The Military Payday…So What!

I was listening to Next Gen Milspouse’s Podcast last night on which one of the topics trending on their Facebook page was “spouse shaming”. One of the hosts mentioned that every time they post anything in relation to the military pay day…