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Yes I Asked About The Military Payday…So What!

I was listening to Next Gen Milspouse’s Podcast last night on which one of the topics trending on their Facebook page was “spouse shaming”. One of the hosts mentioned that every time they post anything in relation to the military pay day…


10 Fun Holiday Gifts for Military Kids

  Do you have that military kid (or military kids) that idolizes their military parent and loves everything military-ish? Are they in awe of the planes flying over the base? Do they pretend to be an infantryman? Do they try to put…


10 More New Military Discounts You Probably Didn’t Know About

Many businesses so graciously offered free meals and deeply discounted deals to military personnel on Veterans Day this past Wednesday. However, there are many retailers who launched military discounts recently and are offering them throughout the month of November and beyond. Hanes…