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Boo-tacular Halloween Military Care Package Ideas

Summer has came and went…well not officially but you get the idea. September is here and if you want your festive Halloween care packages to arrive overseas in time, then you may want to get going on them soon. During my husband’s deployments I took great joy in sending him two different types of care… Read more »

Giveaway Closed* Foodie Friday: How To Send Fresh Baked Brownies Overseas Plus Fun Little Giveaway!

I know that we have many spouses who are really good at baking. I also know many of you love to send some sweet treats to your husband when he is deployed. Deployments suck but the fun part is preparing care packages for them. Recently Nielsen-Massey Vanillas sent me some of their products to try… Read more »

6 Out Of The Norm Things Every Military Spouse Should Send Her Husband During A Deployment

When the guys are deployed we send them alot of the stuff they need. We send things like jerky , favorite candies , other foods ,electronics , hygiene products, dvd’s and their favorite sports magazines. We do those things because it’s the norm and it one of our duties as the spouse of a deployed… Read more »

Cool Care Package Item Diaries: Bunion Bootie

I know us spouses are always looking for different but useful items to put in the guys care packages. Personally I got sick of sending hubby just food , so I was always at the dollar store looking for silly stuff like foot warmers or hand warmers, anything that was different. I wanted to share… Read more »

Day 4: Military Holiday Gift Guide…Miss Your Voice Care Package Plus Giveaway!

Care packages are a huge part of military (especially during deployments) life and during Christmas they are more then just some things the guys or gals may need you to send for hygiene or a favorite snack. They are what makes a loved one serving overseas feel that much closer to those he is missing… Read more »

Halloween In A Box (Deployment Care Package) Idea

It’s that time of year again. If you haven’t sent your soldier a care package for Halloween then I wanted to toss a visual idea or two your way in case your creative juices aren’t flowing. An awesome reader of my mine sent me these 2 great pictures to share with you and I believe… Read more »

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