Summer has came and went…well not officially but you get the idea. September is here and if you want your festive Halloween care packages to arrive overseas in time, then you may want to get going on them soon.

During my husband’s deployments I took great joy in sending him two different types of care packages. The first one consisted of Halloween Candy and Little Debbie’s Halloween Cakes ( he loved those) plus all of his normal snack and hygiene products. The second box was filled with Halloween decorations for him to decorate his room door with and also to give to some  of the other guys. The guys may not want to admit it but they really like that kind of stuff considering the circumstances.

During the month of September will be accepting submissions from readers who want to showcase their Halloween Care Packages.

This week’s care package comes from Katie J.

Katie shared: I bought all the stuff from Hobby lobby. I just MOD PODGED tissue paper on the box and added little decorations. I filled it with Halloween cakes,pop rocks, noodle cups , dip , chips, mac and cheese, photos of our boys in their costumes, a Halloween card, some fund spooky toys from walmart and toppd it with spider web with spiders :) Nothing to fancy but he loved it :))

Amanda from shared in a past Halloween Army Wife 101 blog post, past tips for decorating care packages which I have listed below some of which including making sure to send your package by October 15th in time for Halloween. More of her tips are listed below.

Decorating the Care Package

Decorations are a great way to help your service member feel more at home for the holidays.

Wrapping the side flaps of your care package with festive colored wrapping paper and adding some decorations is a great way to add some flare and fun for your service member!

Here are some decorations MissYourVoice recommends for Halloween care packages:

  • Spider Webs
  • Plastic colorful creepy crawlers
  • Bats
  • Skeletons
  • Plastic pumpkins

Click here for more ideas what type of Halloween snacks and goodies to put in your ghost-acular care packages.



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