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Care packages are a huge part of military (especially during deployments) life and during Christmas they are more then just some things the guys or gals may need you to send for hygiene or a favorite snack. They are what makes a loved one serving overseas feel that much closer to those he is missing the holidays with back home.

Today one of the best Care Package makers I know Amanda Farrell from MissYourVoice.Net ,who has shared care package tips on Army Wife 101 before has put together some awesome Christmas Package tips for those of you wanting to make whatever it you are sending a bit more special.

Check out these helpful tips below!

Sealed With A Christmas Kiss Care Package

Care package tips from MissYourVoice

Hello lovely fans!! Its been two long years since Krystel and I have worked on a blog together, but I am back, to give you some great Holiday Care Package ideas and tips!

First and foremost, HAVE FUN with your package! The more fun you have making it, the more exciting and special it will be for the person receiving it!

Staying Cool Care Package

Some supplies you may find helpful while making your package:

Wrapping paper

Tinsel or Garland

Holiday Foam shapes ( Walmart carries these!)

Festive bags or gift boxes

Holiday stickers

Some great goodies to include in a holiday package:

Hot Chocolate!

Miniature Candy Canes

Holiday Little Debbie Snacks



Hand/Foot warmers

Other things that are great inside a package:

Pretzels, Cheese its, Animal Crackers, Chips, Cookies, Crackers, Beef jerky, single serve drink packets, trail mix, peanuts, fruit snacks and any other single serve treats your loved one may enjoy!

** In my two years of doing packages, I have learned that single serve snacks are the best to send, because they are easy to take on the go, and do not take up much space.**

 Getting your package ready for shipment:

The Box:

The easiest type of package to use to ship overseas is the Large APO/FPO flat rate package provided by the United States Postal Service. You can order these free of charge off the USPS.com website.

**While you are there, you should also order customs forms and custom form envelopes! These are also free of charge, and they will deliver them straight to your door!**

The Tape:

Tape matters! I swear by duck packaging tape, it is the most durable and strongest tape out there! (Trust me, I have tried several different types!) This tape will not rip, tear or come unstuck on the long trip to your loved one! When taping up your package, always remember to tape over any exposed edges! This will do two things. First, it will keep the contents inside your package safe from outside elements, and two, it will make your package stronger!

Some packages get to their destination crunched and beat up, using the right tape, and making sure to cover ALL the edges will help to keep this from happening!

The Label:

You have two choices as to how to get postage for your package!

Go to the post office and have them print it out for you


Print it out at home! If you print your shipping label at home you will save money on shipping! Another plus, is if you print your shipping label at home, you can schedule a pick up, and your postal service carrier will come pick the package up from your house which means, no trips to the post office!

** If you print your label at home, remember to fill out a custom form to go with it! You can print them off the USPS.com website, or order them and fill them out yourself! Just stick the custom form envelope to the bottom of the package, put your custom form in it and you are ready to go!**

 Additional Information:

For questions or to place an order visit my website at http://www.missyourvoice.net

And be sure to like us on facebook to get involved with great projects that show support for our troops, to be notified of great deals, and the chance to win prizes from our many contests!



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25 Comments on Day 4: Military Holiday Gift Guide…Miss Your Voice Care Package Plus Giveaway!

  1. A must have is a handwritten letter or cute card with a few sprays of my perfume on it. He has loved this since Basic :)

  2. Must-haves: little love notes, pictures, lifesaver candies, little sugar packages, single serving drink mix packs, gum, baby wipes, neosporin

  3. What great care packages! I thought I made great ones! My best friend was deployed to Iraq while we were both on active duty, Every two weeks I sent her a care package. I would get the boxes from the commissary, the boxes that had the grocery bags in them. I thought the were the right size for a great care package.

    I sent three identical packages out when she got shipped out, she knew her address ahead of time, I did this because I wanted something to be there when she got there, the reason for identical is because it contained items I thought she would be in the need for right away. Since were were both medical, I sent her flexible straws, my husband who is now my ex- thought that was crazy and I told him you will find out it will help her with patient care, he still didn’t get it. Well, guess what?! It did help her with patient care! For those soldiers that could not get up to drink water she would put a straw in the cup and BAM they were able to drink!

    I would also send her themed based packages, I knew she like sushi so I sent canned tuna, with seaweed sheets, instant rice, and wasabi.

    I wrapped the boxes up in brown paper and my daughter was young at the time and she would draw pictures on the outside. I wrapped the boxes because I wanted her to feel like she was opening a present every time she got a box. After a while she told me that the boxes were recognizable to all and they would come over to see what she was getting.

    My favorite time was when I sent one of her soldiers a small package. He was not getting mail. I sent a small box with a card in it, I acted like I knew him and when he got to the end I told him to look around and look for my friend and walk up to her with a big smile and tell her that her best friend sent him a package. She said his face lit up when he heard his name, looked confused reading the card, looked for her and came up to her telling her what I wrote. I continued to send him packages too.

    Thank you so much for helping me remember all the good times when I was on active duty (2001-2004) Like you know there can be many tough times, but making people happy and bringing joy to them was one of the best times I had. Thank you!!

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