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So I am the first to admit that while I love my husband so incredibly much and love sending him care packages to make him smile, I sometimes hate the tasks involved in the care package process. The tedious process of lugging packages to the post office customs forms, and mentally kicking and screaming my way through the grocery aisles and Walmart aisles, is enough to make me just vomit.

On our last deployment back in 2007 I realized alittle gem in the rough called Netgrocer where you can purchase grocery items as well as hygiene products from the comfort of the internet and have them shipped directly to your soldier overseas.

Some will say oh you can just go to your local Walmart or the commi and get the stuff cheaper and maybe your right, but when I add up the cost of gas ,the cost of shipping a large APO box ($12.50) and buying stuff for the box, I actually come out cheaper purchasing online.  I will be the first to say this isn’t my sole source of sending my husband care packages but it definitely is a life saver for those weeks when you might have slipped up in your normal care package sending regiment.

Netgrocer always has great coupon and shipping codes and their shipping actually has been cheaper. Here is a copy of my last order. Take a look at the shipping cost directly to the APO address.

Items Ordered
SKU Brand/Product Name Price Qty Product Totals

026200494609 Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries – Corn and Potato Snacks $1.29 1 $1.29
030000066102 Cap’n Crunch Cereal – Sweetened Corn & Oat $4.99 1 $4.99
044000015565 Cheese Nips Crackers – Baked Reduced Fat Cheddar $2.55 1 $2.55
727968334601 Cheyenne Brand Beef Jerky – Original $2.49 1 $2.49
727968334618 Cheyenne Brand Beef Jerky – Teriyaki $2.49 1 $2.49
041419162842 Combos Snacks – Cheddar Cheese Pretzel $2.45 1 $2.45
038900004699 Dole Pineapple – Chunks $1.29 1 $1.29
041261250124 Drake’s Cakes – Peanut Butter Creme Filled Devil’s Food $1.79 1 $1.79
041261251800 Drake’s Pound Cake $1.79 1 $1.79
041261250100 Drake’s Yankee Doodles $1.79 1 $1.79
010300889342 Emerald Trail Mix – Breakfast Blend $3.19 1 $3.19
010300888345 Emerald Trail Mix – Tropical Blend $3.19 1 $3.19
072030019345 Entenmann’s Crullers – Glazed Popettes $3.85 1 $3.85
028400087704 Funyuns Onion Flavored Rings $0.65 1 $0.65
014100085461 Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers – Parmesan $1.99 1 $1.99
018627730408 Kashi GoLean Protein & Fiber Bar – Chocolate Caramel $1.65 1 $1.65
030100222286 Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies – Soft & Chewy $2.50 1 $2.50
043000023471 Kool-Aid Soft Drink Mix – Singles Cherry $4.25 1 $4.25
028400083201 Lay’s Potato Chips – Barbecue $1.99 1 $1.99
081363001606 New York Style Bagel Chips – Mini Garlic $5.15 1 $5.15
030000169100 Quaker Rice Cakes – Caramel Corn $3.19 1 $3.19
024100368327 Right Bites Crackers – Cheez-It Party Mix – Extra Cheddar $2.50 1 $2.50
018195702005 Seneca Apple Chips – Caramel $2.55 1 $2.55
070227601830 Streit’s Onion Ring Snack – Garlic & Onion

$2.19 1 $2.19

Product Total: $61.76
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping Charge: $9.22

Order Total: $70.98

My husband always receives his order in a timely fashion and I really appreciate how military friendly Netgrocer is.

To say thank you to our Military here is their latest coupon code promotion

Save $5.00 off any purchase over $50 now through May 31st with promo code: NG5OFF50.



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5 Comments on Why I Love NetGrocer.com!!

  1. I didn’t even think of this! Next time we are on deployment, I’m definitely going to try this. Thanks for the tip. :)

  2. i have a question, its my first time sending a package to a loved one using netgrocer, i entered his FPO address on the delivery address section, and then followed all the steps, i entered my card info, etc… afterwards,when i clicked “continue without logging in” (the last step, where they charge your credit card instead of paypal) my address appeared on the shipping address info. i am confused. will the package be sent to me (since it appeared on the shipping section) or will it be sent to the delivery address? thank you for helping!

  3. Will this work for FPO? I know Netgrocer says they do, but it looks like they ship through FedEx. I’ve been told that only USPS gets picked up to go to the ship.

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